Top Free Useful APIs for Mobile App Development


Google API suits are the most commonly used services for Mobile APP & Web Application development.  Its very useful, effective & updated API suit & most importantly its free.

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1.  Google Maps

For Mobile App developers one of the most useful Apps is Google Maps. This is a great map API which is available publicly and the best map & navigation API for Mobile App & Web Development. Millions of Apps, Software & Websites use this excellent API from search giant Google Worldwide. For its support, regular updates & almost accurate location & navigation data it’s now the first choice to the developers.

Almost in every website we experienced its usage for location plotting. Also its implementation is unparallel for apps that require local search results, apps which need location tracking & navigation, plotting location with search queries, mark location etc. It’s a must have API for Apps like: search portals, classified service portals, cab booking apps, delivery apps, tour guide apps and many more.

Moreover for advanced & commercial Apps you can interact with the Map with your code & create layers over it.


2.  Google Maps Geocoding API

This is another great API for some particular Apps that has based on location & map. It mainly takes the inputs of a location with city, area, address or postal code and returns the geographic coordinates for plotting or marking the place on a map. For using this API you must combine it with Google Maps.

This is very advance API & tech giant Google provides it support & updates. It’s certainly the best API for location compared to some other Map & Location API available online. It has advance features with global reach, perfect & clear Street View technology which is unmatchable.

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3.   Stormpath

This is another great API for Mobile Apps which require user Signup & Login feature. Today in almost all the mobile apps we experience an option as “Login with Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+”. Implementing this free API into your App will accomplish this feature. This trendy API has a SDK for easy implementation for apps as well as sites. For any kind of Registration feature in your application Stormpath is the best and secure user management API with built-in support for using Facebook, Google+ and few other social media login.

It performs all the essential functions for user management such as user profiles maintenance, user authentication & authorisation and also handles forgotten password flow.

Stormpath supports Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and GitHub and some others. The best part of this API is its easy implementation, great support & security compared to other user management & authentication APIs.


4.  Random User Generator

It’s also a very effective API to promote your app & generate fake yet realistic users for your application.

It’s easy to implement & handy to fill up your app database with users for testing, mockups or for showing increased user base. It randomly generates & returns realistic profile with name, address, email, avatar, password etc.


5.  Rest Countries

It’s a great & leading API for getting various country lists across the globe.  Many established brands like Xero, FxPro, Spotify etc. implemented this API into their application. It’s easy to implement and one stop solution an application which needs Country list.  Moreover it has various methods like: all countries, by country code, by city, by capital, by calling code, by currency and more;  which you can use to search & get countries.


6.  CloudConvert

CloudConvert is a file conversion tool or service which you can use to convert 200+ different audio formats, video files, documents, ebook, image etc. without even installing the software. It’s a secure & safe file conversion in a cloud environment.

Moreover it provides a free API which does the same conversion as the tool & moreover you can easily implement this API into your own application to do the conversions.

This is the most popular API for among developers for any application which needs to perform file conversions in different formats and for usage.


7.  Telize

Telize is another free and useful API which returns location information from an IP address.

It basically uses free GeoLite database in the backend. In fact it’s very useful for applications which track locations through IP address not GPS is not available. Many food ordering & classified service providing apps & websites use this API for this feature.


8.  Email Validation API

It’s another great API which is also free & directly from Rackspace. It’s a very handy API for developers for validating users email. This is mostly used in apps or site which has user registration & subscription feature.

It also validates the e-mail format and also its DNS and in addition with MX settings. Moreover it provides suggestions for misspelled email addresses.


9.  FMA (Free Music Archive)

Its a free API very useful for Music Store Apps & Sites. This API will return you information about musical artists, albums, tracks and genres. For a online music store application this API can be very useful also its very easy to integrate and has a good search processing speed.


10.  OpenWeatherMap

It’s one of the best free weather and forecast API available in market. It can be easily integrated into you application. Moreover it collects data from more than 40,000 weather station servers.

Also It has so many attractive & useful features as a weather forecast API. You can search & get weather repoits with city names, area, coordinates from this API. Also it returns data on current weather, week forecast, precipitation, wind or clouds and almost all weather related data.


Special Include in The List:


Its not in the free list but one of the most important & easiest email automation tools for promoting & marketing you brand through mail campaigns. It has its own API which you can integrate into your Mobile App or ecommerce site to promote your products directly to your subscribers with a seamless manner. Also it manages all your email, promotional campaigns, users, notifications etc. It also has an interface to create attractive templates for your promotion. Integrating its API into your application will help you to handle your product promotions, new arrivals, special offers easily directly from your own application.


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