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With the excessive usage of the internet, emails, social media, and IOT, cyber threats and hacking are increasing rapidly. You need a reliable and robust PC Security System to protect your hardware, software, and other information from cyber-attacks & malware. With the dependencies on the internet & Global digitization, most of our work will be driven online, starting from business conferences, online banking, information transferring, and shopping to online bookings. Reports & research predicted that cyber threats will be the prime concern of organizational & individual data security & integrity. In this present scenario, no one is safe; cybercriminals are waiting to detect loopholes in your system and breach into your personal data including your social & financial accounts & hack them. Results could be miserable for individuals as well as organizations. As per reports, many USA companies faced annual losses of more than 525 million USD due to cyber-attacks and every 1 of 10 people is a victim of cyber offenses.

Continuous developments are going on in this sector. Unika Infocom is also doing their R&D for more than ten years in PC Security segments apart from their other IT Solutions & Services such as Software & Web Development, ERP, Android & iOS App development, B2B & B2C Portals, and Digital Promotion. Unika Infocom has a strong market presence in IT solutions & services and they also have a very impressive track record of developing high-end PC Security products for their clients. They have a virtuoso talent pool with vast knowledge & experience in PC Security Products Development such as Antivirus, PC Cleaner, Internet Security, PC Tune-up & PC Booster, Popup Blocker, Malware Protection, Driver Detective & Mobile Security product development for Android & iOS. Unika Infocom develops & delivers these products for various clients & organizations across the world. Their continuously updated Virus Engine & End Product has been tested in many labs. Their developed products for various clients are running successfully in the market & got very positive feedback from the end users.

Let’s check out some of the products : 


Computer Optimizer

Cloud System Booster PC Buster / PC Cleaner Software development :

It’s system maintenance, Optimizer & PC Tuneup application. It’s running in the market with a great success rate and has a huge user base.

Some features of Cloud System Booster:

Booster: Boosts your PC performance & intercepts malfunctioning.

Context Menu Manager: You can manage the windows context menu by enabling or disable with this.

Folder Migration: Provide you the facility to save more space in your system by migrating system volume.

PC Repair: Repairs registry, malicious files & plug-in, extension error, etc.

Uninstaller: Helps you to uninstall unused or bad programs or software and make the System run fast.

RAM Booster: Optimize the CPU & RAM, constantly monitor them and enhance system performance.

File Optimizer: Helps you to find & locate unused large or potentially malicious file & remove it.

Add-ons & Plug-ins: Blocks & removes any malicious add-ons and plug-ins from the browser.

Startup Booster: While PC startup, manage startup items & programs to cut the PC Startup time shorter.

Computer Optimizer and PC PC Tuneup :

Pure Optimizer is another great valued product developed by Unika Infocom. It’s a combination of Internet Optimization & Security, System Optimization, Firewall & Malware Protection, Browser cleanup, Website Security & Blocking. Below are some basic functions of ‘Pure Optimizer’.

One Click Optimizer :

Browser Cleaner :


Registry Cleaner :

Registry Cleaner

Application Settings :

Custom Application Installer :

Custom Installer

Custom Application Uninstaller :

  • Windows startup configuration & optimizer.
  • System tune-up, cleanup & defragmentation.
  • Recovery, Restore & Backup.
  • Internet Security.
  • Blocking phishing sites.
  • Blocking malware & plug-in.

And More…

Driver repair and printer utility tools Development :

Bit Firewall :

Zonealarm Total Security (Internet Security & Antivirus):  

This is another successful product of Unika Infocom. This product is developed for Caltech Technologies (UK).
Some Product Features:

  • Product (IS & Antivirus) selling through Website.
  • Online Payment Option for Customers through Website.
  • Admin Control Panel.
  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • General Antivirus Features.
  • Two-Way Firewall Protections.
  • Anti-Spy & Malware Protections.
  • Anti Phishing.
  • POP Up & Add Blocker (Optional by individual users’ choice from settings).
  • Vulnerable attack blocker.
  • Spam & Email Filter.
  • Real-Time Monitoring & Protection.
  • Search Guard.
  • Web Filtering.
  • High Performance.

Unika Infocom is also into Mobile Security Applications for Android & iOS. The vulnerability of mobile devices is more than that of a PC System. Here Unika gives the best solution to Smartphone devices to protect them from potential cyber-attacks & threats.

Some tips to prevent cyber attacks and be aware of the threats:

  • Keep your software up to date: Always use all genuine software, avoid any pirated software or software from unknown sources of phishing sites and always keep your software up to date.
  • Don’t click on unknown links within emails: Do not click links within unknown or spam emails or emails you think are not from genuine sources. Also never click on fishy links or links on fishy sites. As per a survey, the PC attacks happen with clicking on some unauthentic
  • Back up your computer: Back up your computer on a regular basis. Use an external hard drive or cloud storage from a reputed organization to regularly keep your PC backup.
  • Use a strong password: A strong & complicated password can prevent most cyber-attacks and also keep on changing your password in at moderate intervals.
  • Use a firewall: Always keep your system default firewall enabled to prevent unauthorized network attacks.
  • Minimize downloads: Keep your browser security settings enabled & try not to download from fishy sites.
  • Clean browsing: Avoid browsing unknown and fishy sites.
  • Use a pop-up blocker: Web browsers have the provision to stop pop-ups and you can set the browser security for accepting pop-ups or block them. As per online safety & protection rules never allow pop-ups from unknown sites and never click on links that appear in pop-ups.

By following some basic rules and being a little bit alert we can actually prevent cyber threats and attacks. It will surely help you avoid hazards that can be dangerous. With some proper guidelines & rules and good System Security, you can be free from any Cyber Threats.

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