Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology which uses different software to generate images, graphics, audio, sound, video & other sensations with 3D components to replicate & create a realistic environment. It’s a computer generated imaginary settings & device control that simulates the physical state of a person into this Virtual Reality environment. It’s a realistic representation of 3 dimensions and it will thrust you into a virtual state & simulates an environment where you can interact with entities in a real or neo physical way by using special electronic gadgets like VR Headsets with a screen & projector, lenses & audio device. Through VR you can go to anywhere you want, experience the nature & places like, walking down the Great China Wall, swimming under the sea, at top of the Mount Everest etc. and all this you can experience without even moving from your seat. Isn’t it intriguing & simulates the adrenaline rush? This high end electronic device can literally put you in the middle of a jungle or among the thousands of audience experiencing a live show; you can physically be in a game you are playing. All these impossible sounding phenomenon has come true with this technology and it’s beyond the imagination what could be the next with the daily up gradation & research in Virtual Reality.


VR Content Development:

One of the primary challenges for VR was content development for this technology. We need 3D contents like images, video with surround audio which will be compatible with the VR device & simulates the Virtual Environment. With the ongoing popularity & demand of VR many industries jumped into this opportunity & started developing contents. VR is now getting bigger in IT Development sector and many giant organizations are incorporating new wing for it. The startups are also taking this technology as a business avenue.


Best Buying Options for VR:

VR devices come in different forms & prices. In market there are  cheap & low quality devices where you need to compromise with the quality of virtual experience. Also there are devices bit costly but will give top notch experience & satisfaction. The giants & worldwide renowned companies already launched these high end VR devices with the in built libraries & apps. Lets check out some cool VR devices from different organizations.


Google Cardboard:

This Google Cardboard VR device is very popular in market. You need a compatible Smartphone to experience this VR device. It’s easy to use, movable anywhere and pocket friendly than others. People must try it for an unbelievable experience. Market Price – Approx. $30.


Samsung Gear VR:

It’s a Smartphone based VR headset by Samsung. You need a recent Smartphone to experience this device. It’s comfortable to wear and has some sophisticated sensors. It also has some useful apps & game library. Market Price – Approx. $99.

Oculus Rift:

Oculus Rift device & headset is a very high end gadget with powerful & expensive sensors. It tracks your senses in every direction & the virtual experience is excellent. Market Price – Approx. $599.

HTC Vive:

HTC Vive is by far the best VR experience you could have. For its immense quality the virtual experience is almost real. This device is bit costly than others. Market Price – Approx. $799.

VR Opportunities & Future:

It’s all started with a viewing & sensing experience more like a fun. Its popularity & demand increased drastically over a shorter period. Now as the time passing by organizations realized the importance of this powerful technology. Its going to be a revolution in market & business strategy & in world of digital promotion and will surely dominate many business avenues in the coming future.


Some business sectors going to get huge benefits with this technology are:

  • IT Industries.
  • Entertainment Business.
  • Tourism Industry.
  • Real Estate.
  • Retail & Shopping Industry.
  • Health Care Sector.
  • Educational Institutes.
  • Art & Design.
  • Social Media Presence.
  • Conferencing & Tele presence.

And Many More…

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