WordPress Speedup and top Performance Optimization Plugins

If you run a website which loads slow & has low performance level then you are surely going to face issues with your organic traffic & ranking. Also visitors immediately abandon site which loads slowly, so you are going to lose potential customers & business as well. Whether you have a blog site or a business website, you should have a website which has a great performance level & runs super fast to retain your visitors. Here we will discuss about WordPress Speedup and top Performance Optimization Plugins.


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1.  Varnish HTTP Cache


It’s one most popular & highly effective WordPress plugin for enhancing your website speed & performance. It not only caches but automatically updates whenever content changed in page. It basically sends a request to flush the cached content of a page each time its getting updated or modified and presents the current updated page to the visitors.

It’s mainly a Web Application accelerator &b popular as caching HTTP reverse proxy. This plugin performs very fast & can work on any HTTP server to cache contents.

Key Points

  • Flexible & easy configurable
  • Works very fast compared to other Plugins
  • Handles incoming requests
  • Can recognize what content should be cached or what not to
  • Has extended modules


2.  W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is a very popular speed boosting plugin. This excellent plugin is almost a framework to speed up your website load. It has various caching methods which are very effective to enhance speed for wordpress sites.

Moreover this plugin has some advanced support for various popular CDN (Content Delivery Network) that plays a crucial role to make your website faster with enhance user experience. This is an advance & professional level plugin. Therefore you need to know the framework well before installing & using it.

Key Points

  • Browser caching
  • Object caching
  • Database caching
  • Minifying
  • CDN Support


3.  WP Super Cache

WP super cache

WP Super Cache is another most popular plugin to enhance your website loading speed & performance. This plugin is very effective & widely used by WordPress website developers. It’s mainly a caching plugin for WordPress. It’s simple as well as advance at the same time. This plugin is easy to setup, so it’s easy for beginners. Also this plugin has some advance features & settings for professionals who can utilize its features to the fullest. It already crossed 5 million downloads worldwide, so you can easily understand, how popular it is.

Key Points

  • Has support for multiple caching types (Mod_Rewrite, PHP and Legacy)
  • It has Cache preload option
  • Serves static html files
  • Provide CDN support


4.  WP Rocket


WP Rocket is one of the highly used & effective Lazyload plugin for WordPress. Rather than loading the whole page when visitor opens your site it only loads images & iframes which for the visible area of your webpage and loads necessary sections gradually with scroll down. It enhances website loading speed effectively & also saves the bandwidth.

Key Points

  • Reduces number of HTTP requests & increase page loading speed
  • Saves Bandwidth
  • Works on images, thumbnails, iframes, content, widget text, graphics etc.
  • Lightweight plugin


5.  WP Fastest Cache

fastest cache

For its great features WP Fastest Cache comes in the top list. It’s also for beginners as well as advance professional users. It has some great advance features & option that are easy to set up too. You just simply need to install it in your WordPress and then activate and run it through settings. Then it’s all set to perform.

Moreover you can easily set cache expiration times for certain URLs with this plugin which makes it more effective. It updates with time & has a large user base.

Key Points

  • It’s Easy to configure in WordPress
  • 1-click option to clear cache & minify CSS, HTML, Script etc
  • It can Set expiry time for all posts, pages or particular URLs
  • Has CDN Support
  • Has several other advance features in premium version

6.  Autoptimize


Autoptimize is another great tool for enhancing your website speed with its several features. It minifies HTML Code, CSS & other Scripts of your page & makes it lightweight. This plugin also do page caching. You can customize Autoptimize plugin with its advance option & API according to your website need.

Key Points

  • Cache page style & scripts
  • Improves site performance
  • By default it injects CSS into page head
  • API & options available for custom setting


7.  LiteSpeed Cache


lightspeed cashe

LiteSpeed Cache is a PHP based server side plugin for WordPress. It has built in cache which enhance your WordPress website speed & performance. It basically connect with LiteSpeed Web Server which has built in directory, so caching is more effective and fast and loading overhead is reduced, which in turns enhance your website speed.

This plugin also saves time & resources by caching your whole dynamic page & present a static copy every time to the users.

Key Points

  • Optimize images
  • Lazyload page elements like images, iframes
  • Cleans & optimize database
  • Browser caching
  • Automatic page cache
  • Support HTTP/2 & HTTPS
  • Support for WooCommerce
  • User friendly interface


8.  Cache Enabler

cache enabler

Cache Enabler is an effective & popular light weight caching plugin. It’s easy to configure & has some great advance features like: setting cache expiry time, minify CSS, HTML etc.

It also has a light weight CDN plugin called CDN Enabler from its sister concern. This is also a great plugin to speed up your website through Content Delivery Network.

Key Points

  • It’s easy to set & configure
  • 1-click cache clear & minify option
  • Set cache expiry


9.  Comet Cache

comet cache

Comet Cache is a popular plugin for WordPress which highly speeds up your website by caching & storing you web page elements, so that every time your page can open fast without loading time. This plugin basically builds cache like taking real time snapshots of each pages of your website & store it every time for further reference on time of loading. Therefore each time someone opens your page it cuts down the processing time of loading page contents.

It uses advance techniques for caching and self recognizes when it should present the cached content and when not. Also it excludes administrative pages, login pages, request pages etc.

Key Points

  • Cache page contents real time
  • Has highly functional ‘Clear Cache’ button for admin with enable & disable option
  • Intelligent & automatic cache recognition
  • Automatic cache clearing with custom option for any content of a page like: URLs, posts, images, tags, text etc.
  • Good documentation


10.  Nginx Cache


Nginx Cache is a great plugin for reducing your page load time by managing cache & storing automatically. It purges cache automatically whenever content changes & present it further to the user when he / she visits your site. It can also be operated manually form WordPress panel.

Key Points

  • Purges cache automatically
  • Has manual control
  • Automatically works whenever webpage content changes


11.  WP Super Minify


This is a very useful plugin for WordPress to minify scripts & HTML of a page & speed up the page load. It combines JS, HTML and CSS files & compressed it to reduce page load time due to large scripts.

Key Points

  • Minifying JavaScript, CSS and HTML
  • It offers option to disable compression of CSS & JavaScript to avoid conflict


12.  WP Smush.it


This is very effective plugin for wordpress, which optimizes images in your website & cut down the image loading time. It’s mainly based on the Yahoo Smush.it service and optimizes images. Moreover it removes unnecessary bytes from image files to make it load faster.

Most importantly this plugin only optimize your image rather than degrading your image quality. Therefore you can point out any quality difference of your images after optimization.

Key Points

  • It strips un-used colour from images
  • Also optimize & compress JPEG files
  • Moreover this plugin can be integrated easily with it API service
  • Doesn’t degrade image quality
  • Removes unnecessary byte from image file.


13.  BJ Lazy Load


BJ Lay Load is a very effective plugin which helps to load your website faster & saves bandwidth. This plugin replaces all your post images, post content, iframe etc. with placeholder & load the element segment which is needed.

For example whenever a visitor opens your website your entire page loads & it takes more time to load the whole page & delay the speed. But this plugin prevent loading the whole page at a time, rather it loads images and contents which are visible immediately with the page open. Gradually by mouse scrolling it loads other areas of the web page. This process cut down the webpage loading time & speed up your website.

Key Points

  • Replaces post images, images, post thumbnails, graphics and contents with placeholder & loads it when needed.
  • It uses jQuery to operate


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