Top Web Development Programming Languages of 2017

It industry has grown in a rapid pace from the past decade. For any organisation whether its big or small It is the backbone of it. Web Applications are the integral part of IT industry. Its the pillar of any enterprise operational structure. Today developers has various choices to pick their programming languages & develop web applications using these advance languages. Here we will discuss about the top web development programming languages of 2017.


JavaScript (JS):


JavaScript is certainly the most popular language among developers worldwide. It’s a high level, interactive, dynamic, object oriented programming language. JS is broadly used as client side scripting, server side program, interactive design, checking, validation, pop ups, games 7 even mobile applications.

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Java Programming

Java is the most secure, object-oriented, high level and adapted programming language across the world for complex, robust, high standard application & software as well as the simple one. Big enterprises & organisations always prefers Java for its security features, reliability & robustness.



Python is also object-oriented high level programming language, which gain huge popularity in 2016. It’s becoming more popular among the developers for its simpler coding pattern, quick implementation, easy to learn & other useful features. It’s easier to learn but very robust as the same time. Therefore developers & companies are inclining more towards this programming language. It emphasizes more on code readability more like the English language & increases productivity & faster development. For its ease of use & other useful features it’s very popular among the beginner, intermediate & also higly professional developers. Python is mainly used for web application development, desktop application development & Data Mining.

Prominent sites like uses Nasa, Youtube, Instagram, Reddit.


PHP Programming

PHP is one of the most popular languages among developers for various web application developments. It’s widely used open source programming language for simple to complex web application development, general purpose scripting. This can also be embedded into HTML, therefore it’s a popular language for dynamic websites. It has a large community & has different popular frameworks like WordPress, Opencart, Codeigniter, Laravel, YII. It’s comparatively easier to grasp and very popular among beginners as well as professionals. More that 80% has PHP coding in it, but it’s very useful & robust for complex web applications also with the combination of JavaScript & SQL. This has been the most popular language for creating Social Media Sites. Facebook, Tumblr, Wikipedia has PHP coding in it.


C# Programming

This is a high level, multi-paradigm programming languages based on object –oriented programming concept. It is widely used in Microsoft .Net framework but it’s not limited to .Net framework. This is popular among developers for general web development & also enterprise web applications. Its generic, expressive, declarative, functional; has expression trees, partial methods, iterators & so many other robust programming features. After JAVA it has the most secure programming features. It has a large community & always remains in the top list for its wide acceptance.



Rust was the most popular & loved programming language on StackOverflow for 2016. For its capability to make fast & secure applications it became mostly loved among developers. It also has the capability to take the advantages of modern multi processors. Dropbox & Coursera are the most prominent sites made with Rust.



Ruby is also object-oriented, dynamic, interactive general purpose programming language which is gained popularity in a shorter span. It’s popular among new business, startups & as well as enterprises. This language is easier to learn & implement and has shorter code lines to write. It’s has a big & active community support & gets updated in intervals. Ruby has a large third party library which gives expanded options to developers.



Elixir is a dynamic & functional programming language for designing & building scalable & maintainable applications. This is Erlang VM compatible which can run on low latency and has fault tolerant systems. Most importantly its concurrency feature helps large applications to handle a lot of tasks at the same time. Elixir codes run on light weight threads termed as processes which makes it more scalable. Also its fault tolerant feature is a great help for the developers.




Go is an open source programming language by Google which gained top popularity in 2016 & continues to grow. It’s simple to implement, efficient, gives high performance & moreover has Google Support. It is compiled, has auto garbage collection, limited coding & structural typing & moreover has memory safety features. Go is certainly going to be one of the most popular programming languages among the developers in the coming years.

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