Top Social Media Sharing Button Custom Code for Web Designing

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1.  Side Sharing

Side Sharing Social Media button is one of the most popular among developers as it’s very easy to implement and supports almost all browsers. In blog & magazine sites this is the most commonly used Social Media button.

These social sharing buttons are movable. You can either use it at top or bottom or it can scroll down with the user view. It gives an option to directly share your post or other content to social sites. Also the design is sweet & simple and not cluttered and goes perfect with web layouts. Even you can custom the code snippet like change height, width, position etc.


2.  Image Buttons

Image Buttons sharing style is another popular widget for websites for integrating social media sharing. It actually used for reposting images on social media from a website. This button style is mainly popular for Pinterest, since it reposts images directly from website. It is also compatible for sharing on social medial like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

This image sharing button is in pure CSS and you can customize the design style. It’s not directly connected to social media, rather it uses anchor links which is programmable for social different social media sharing. The USP of this button is its design style & it looks smart & trendy with images.


3.  Circle Animations

This sharing button is very attractive & its design looks very catchy with websites. The main USP of this button is its animation features. The buttons have animation effect with hover and it enriches your design layout.

Moreover you can change its background & button icon color according to your preferences & matching with your website design. This button uses pure CSS & it’s customizable. Like Image Buttons this button is also not directly connected to social links but you can easily implement different social sharing link by modifying the code.


4.  Toggle Shares

This is the perfect code snippet for websites where lots of sharing needed across multiple social networks. This code snippet is customizable & in any point of time you can easily restyle the design to give different with custom animation. Therefore it doesn’t look monotonous in your site rather ads a fun & smart angle to your site. It gives your social sharing button cool animation effect and hidden menu. By clicking the hidden menu option the sharing buttons will appear with a very catchy animation.

This code snippet is in pure CSS and the animation is in jQuery. Its implementation is very easy. You just need to just copy & paste the code snippet into your website. For blogs or articles this is the perfect choice. You can place it either in next to article title or in the bottom section in your post to encourage social sharing.


5.  Hidden Socials

This Hidden Socials button has a smart animation effect for social sharing. It’s in pure CSS & customizable. It’s a creation of Developer Chris Sevilleja.

The USP is its cool animation effect as hidden social button. It enhances your layout look & feel. Also occupies smaller section in your site since it’s a hidden button and gives a compact view.

It’s very easy to implement in your site & compatible with almost all modern browser.

6.  Simple Sharing Buttons

As the name suggests Simple Sharing Buttons is the simplest & smart social sharing button for any website. It’s easy to implement & has a smart look which goes perfect with any layout.

They use simple SVG icons from Ionic iconset & you don’t need any JavaScript to run it.

You just need to copy & paste the code into your site & it’s on. Even you can customize the CSS style as per your needs & can change size, color, padding etc. Moreover you can add different social sharing icons to it from the Ionic inconset.


7.  Hover Background Colors

Hover Background Colors is a very unique & attractive social sharing button which gives an attractive look to your layout. With this setup you can change the background color by doing hover on each sharing button.

Each button has its own custom icon pulled from Font Awesome so you can even expand this set to include other related icons. It looks really catchy in your site. Even you can use different icons for button from iconset.


8.  Flyout Sharing

It’s an amazing social sharing button with flyout effect similar to Google’s material flyouts.

This uses easy & tiny JavsScript code snippet. The CSS animation effects are too nice for any layout as per the viewing perspective & also its customizable according to your preferences.

It’s certainly one of the coolest social sharing buttons for website designing with simple codes & easy integration.


9.  3D Sharing Buttons

This 3D Sharing Button has a unique look. It’s in pure CSS with simple JS code for embedding the button. This is one of the most elegant as well as smart looking social sharing icon for any layout. Also it gives a different & enhanced look to any layout. It has a 3D animation effect with hover on each button which is the prime attraction of this button.

It looks really smart & edgy with the animation effect.

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