Top jQuery Form Validation Plugin for Web Development Company


For any web application development project or in a website forms are the most important part to provide information & data entry. Forms need to be validated properly to help the users by providing proper error messages against invalid input. Also a good form validation is the most important thing for a web application to get the proper information with desired format.

Web development became so advanced with time and with that form validation also got advance features. Presently jQuery is the most advance technology to do a form validation. There are so many jQuery plugin for form validations. Here we will discuss about Top jQuery Form Validation Plugin for Web Development Company.



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1.  Parsley.js


Parsley.js is a MIT licensed powerful jQuery plugin. It has a great documentation and it’s easy to implement. It’s certainly one of the best form validation plugin & popular among developers. The prime advantage of this plugin is that it identifies form modification needs automatically & implies validations accordingly. It has a rich UI & is highly customizable according to your choice. Moreover it’s compatible with almost all modern browsers.

Moreover it also provides remote AJAX validation which makes your form more advance. It makes your validation faster & can allow feedbacks to the user even before the form is submitted to server.


2.  jQuery Form Validator

jQuery Form Validator

jQuery Form Validator is another popular plugin, which mainly contains basic set of validation rules. It’s a modular plugin and you can load modules as per your requirements. It uses HTML5 attributes for validation. With this plugin you can mention input suggestions in your form.

3.  jQuery Validation Plugin

jQuery Validation Plugin

jQuery Validation Plugin is one of the most popular & also one of the first validation plugins available from 2006 for any web development company. This is MIT licensed plugin and tested with jquery 1.6.4, 1.7.2, 1.8.3, 1.9.0. You can implement custom validation easily with this plugin. Also it provides drop-in validation for existing forms. It has plenty default rules for validation and also provides API to create validation rules.

It’s a great choice for web developers since it has a great documentation, and also has features like file uploads error container, dynamic forms and more.


4.  BootStrap Validator

BootStrap Validator

This is basically a jQuery form validation plugin for Bootstrap themes. It uses HTML5 attributes for native form validation. Its certainly the best JQuery plugin for validating Form fields in your web development project & perfect for Bootstrap design. You can also use this plugin to add custom rules. With this plugin implementation, browser always shows error messages, with an automatically language translation feature.


5.  Validate.js


Validate.js also has license from MIT. This validation plugin is very popular among the web developers for its lightweight & ease of use. It allows validate of JavaScript objects in a declarative manner. It has easy documentation, passes test certificate & compatible with modern browsers, making it a good choice for live web development projects.


6.  Verify.js


Verify.js has a MIT license; it’s a validation plugin, which is powerful, extendable & fully customizable. This plugin is mainly popular for asynchronous validations & grouped validations.

It includes features like:

  • Easily extendable
  • Unobtrusive
  • Also configurable validations with parameters
  • Fully customisable and popular for asynchronous validations
  • Used for Grouped validations


7.  Smoke

smoke validation pluginSmoke form validation & components are mainly for Bootstrap themes. Unlike other Bootstrap validators, it uses HTML5 attributes and also JavaScript object for validation. Since it doesn’t use native browser validation, therefore error messages not localized automatically.

It’s a modular plugin and perfect for ERP 7 other web development form validations. It has many default advance form validations. Moreover it also supports AngularJS, Select2, Bootstrap Datepicker. This plugin has features like: Form Validation, Notifications, Progressbar, Fullscreen, Panel and Helpers.


8.  FormValidation


FormValidation is a premium paid form validation plugin, with a price range starting from 50$. This is an advance plugin with built-in Bootstrap integration and can handle complex form validations. Therefore its very useful for web applications which has advance & complex forms. It has lots of preset useful validation rules. Apart from Bootstrap it also goes perfect with Foundation, Pure, Semantic UI & others.


9.  Validatr


Validatr is a very basic plugin for form validation & relies totally on HTML5 attributes. One of is to stylize custom error messages. It uses native validation also showing error messages with the browser. It’s also compatible with modern browsers. Moreover it uses its own validation rules whenever needed with native validation.


10.  jQuery.validity


jQuery.validity is a plugin which does form validation only with JavaScript and do not uses HTML5 or data attributes for form validation. It’s helpful for dynamic validations but this plugin is not good for customizations. It’s also doesn’t allow implementing new form validations like email, form validity, or doesn’t even show a success message.


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