Top Free Functional Testing Tools for Web Application Development

For every successful web application, testing is one of the most important phase. To save development time & to ensure that when any web application project is live, it should run flawlessly & gives quality performance; functional testing is must. There are some great tools which can perform functional testing effectively & seamlessly, moreover these tools are open source & free. Here we will discuss about Top Free Functional Testing Tools for Web Application Development.

There are lots of benefits of testing such as:

  • you can test all feature of your application easily
  • Also you will get reports & error logs
  • You can measure your application robustness & capacity
  • Moreover you can monitor your development progress & any flows instantly

Automated Functional Tseting

In this article we will discuss about functionality testing tools which is the most important & primary part of an automated testing process. Using these tools you can record & replay scripts, can browse & get details of website, fill forms, click on the links and also can generate reports & error logs.

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1.  SeleniumHQ


SeleniumHQ is one of the best functional testing tools available online for free. You can easily create a strong & effective testing environment by combining its several projects. It’s a web application testing framework across various browsers for platforms like Windows, Mac & Linux. Moreover it has testing environments for Eclipse, Ruby & Rails.

It’s a very user friendly framework & popular among testers & developers. You can record & replay scripts for testing on browser. Moreover for testing purpose you can write scripts on several languages such as, Java, PHP, Ruby, C#, Python etc.

SeleniumHQ Automated Testing Framework

Below are some projects of SeleniumHQ

  • Selenium IDE: It’s a Firefox add-on perform functional testing in Firefox.
  • Selenium Remote Control: It basically a client/server based system, which controls browsers locally or in remote to perform functional testing of a web application.
  • Selenium Grid: It’s like Selenium Remote Control & performs testing on multiple servers at the same time.
  • Selenium Core: This testing environment is in JavaScript.


2.  Watir

Watir Testing Tool

Watir is another free tool for functional testing. It’s a web application testing environment. It is made with Ruby libraries. As it’s an automated testing tool, thus it clicks links, fills forms, presses buttons and checks test results also.

This popular testing tools also supports several platforms like Windows, Mac & Linux. Also it can run on browsers like IE. Fireofox, Chorme & Safari.


3.  Sahi

Sahi Automation Testing Tool

Sahi is another very popular free testing tool for web design & web application. It’s very popular because of its ease of use. It also has a record & replay option for instant testing. Moreover it supports almost all the latest browsers.

It’s very effective & automated testing tool & performs logging in every step. Also it has most effective automatic html reporting with error logs which fasten the testing process & makes it accurate.

This automated testing tool is in Java. Moreover Sahi can perform testing on multiple browsers same time & supports Ajax.


4.  WebDriver

webdriver framework

WebDriver is a popular & free framework for automated testing. It’s a clean, fast & effective framework from the Google Teams for dynamic web applications & web apps testing.

It simulates a real-like testing environment by controlling various browsers according to its functions & properties.

For example, in Firefox WebDriver is performs as an extension and in IE, it uses IE’s default automation controls.


5.  HTMLUnit


This is arguably one of the most popular tools for web application testing & for retrieving any website details.

Its compatible with jQuery, MooTools, Prototype & Dojo. As a scripting language it supports JavaScript & this free tool continuously gets updated. Moreover it also acts like a real-like browser simulator as Firefox & IE with proper configuration. It also supports get-post requests, cookies etc.


6.  SoapUI

SoapUI Framework

SoapUI is an open source functional testing tools for web applications. It supports various effective ways to perform functional testing, such as: Databases, SOAP and REST web services, JMS enterprise messaging layers, Rich Internet Applications etc.

Moreover using SoapUI is a very effective way to validate and improve the quality of your services and applications. Also you can write test cases with SoapUI in seamless manner. It’s one of the most popular testing tools among the users because of its easy to use features. It has a simple drag & drop feature to make your testing process faster. Most importantly you can run functional testing using this tool on multiple environments. For this you just need to change the test setup.


7.  Marathon

Marathon Automated Testing Tool

Marathon is an open source & free functional testing tool by which you can record test script and replay it. This effective & automated tool has advance features like: , Application Launchers, Intelligent Script Recorder, Standard Scripting Languages, Exploratory Testing, Semi-Automatic Testing, Data Driven Tests, Flexible and Powerful Object Recognition, Modularization and Refactoring, Object Map Maintenance, Flexibility etc. It’s a very modern functional testing tool for making your functional testing more accurate.


8.  Httest

Httest Framework

Httest is also an open source & free automated Functional testing framework for dynamic web applications. The USP of this tool is it tests http requests and responses.

It has advance features such as:


  • It performs request and response validation
  • Also it simulates clients and servers
  • This can perform startup and shutdown of server daemons
  • Has advanced HTTP protocol handling
  • Also it can perform one-grained timeout handling
  • This advance tool creates mock-ups of back-end systems
  • copying stream data and re-using it in variables
  • Moreover it can handle more complex & critical functional test situations


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