Top CSS Background Effects for Web Designing

If you are into web designing, you must know how to utilize different background techniques to add amazing effects into your web layout. Background is not a simple static thing, rather its one of the most important part of any web designing.  If you know how to ad interactivity & variation to your background your web design will get a different & attractive dimension & the impact will be much broader. Here we will discuss about simple but very effective Top CSS Background Effects for Web Designing.

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1.  CSS Blend Mode Color Change

CSS Blend Mode Color Change is a cool background effect which uses pure CSS & can you’re your web layout attractive. The main attraction of this effect is that its fixed element changes color whenever user scroll down the page layout. Its fund & gives a smart look to your web designing. It uses CSS mix-blend-mode property & with this you can make customization in hue & other effects.


2.  Scrolling Animation

This is a simple but cool animation effect where mainly two images scrolls in the opposite direction and creates an amazing scrolling animation. It’s kind of similar effect like we experienced in old side scrolling video games. It uses CSS transform and JavaScript to create this animation effect. You can implement it as a slider in your web layout.


3.  Skewed

Asymmetric layout is the latest & edgy trend in present web design scenario. Skewed backgrounds effect will fulfill this purpose by using only pure CSS & HTML. Pure CSS & HTML makes it very easy to implement in your web design. This simple background effect will add a different dimension in your layout. It’s elegant & classy as well as very trendy. Your web design will look different & awesome with this background effect. That’s why this approach is becoming very popular among the designers now a day.


4.  Moving Pictures

Moving Picture background effect uses pure CSS & is bit easy to implement in your layout. This background effect is basically a transition between images. The transition has a smooth effect & looks nice with your web layout. It’s mainly used as image slider in any web design. Moreover this is very lightweight but cool slider than other jQuery sliders.


5.  Animated Gradient

This is a simple JavaScript & CSS snippet to add gradient effects & animation to your web background. It’s a cool effect but you need to be careful whether it’s going with your content or not. It can make bit difficult to the user to read your web content if this background effect not used properly. Otherwise it makes your layout background catchy & smart. You can customize the setting to choose the gradient color matching with your layout design.


6.  Blur on Scroll

This is one of the best & smart effects for your web background. If you want to give extra attention to your background image & make it something special, then it’s the best code snippet. It uses simple jQuery attributes to change the background-size while scrolling & this technique creates the amazing effect. With this effect while mouse over your background image will Zoom-in & after that when you start scrolling the image will get blur. This indeed enhances your web layout look & feel.


7.  Fade-in Hero Image with Overlay

This smart CSS code snippet imposes two different effects into your background layout. Firstly, it gives a color overlay effect to a full-width hero image & creates a different hue. Secondly, it gives a fade-in animation effect to that hero image. Therefore in your layout the background image has an overlay hue effect & it appears with the fade animation smoothly. It’s an elegant effect which you can implement in your background. Finally, it gives the whole image a parallax scrolling effect which mainly creates the fade animation effect. This is a trendy approach to your layout; moreover it’s simple, uses small code snippet & also do not need any JS script to run.


8.  Background Zoom & Pan

It’s a unique & attractive effect to your multiple background images & also very useful to apply effects in your web designing. With this technique by doing hover on a panel, the background image will Zoom-in and will Pan along with the cursor movements. This is very useful for product images or any other images you want to portrait in detail by doing the zoo-in. It’s simple to implement & gives your web layout a different dimension altogether. With this effect you can also specify different Zoom-in levels. With this you can add multiple images adjacent and apply the effect on each panel & image. The Zoom-in effect is very smart. Also the Pan feature makes it more attractive & useful to inspect the whole image in detail.


9.  Reveal on Hover

This is an interesting & fun effect into your background. By doing hover on a background it will expand with the mouse movement & reveal. It goes perfect for before & after effects. You can use a split screen to add this affect in your background as shown in the sample. When you hover on either screen it will expand and reveal. Again if you move your cursor and hover on another screen then it will expand & reveal with your cursor movement. You can also add this effect on your web layout to add more interactivity with your background.


10.  Color Change on Scroll

This is another simple but cool & catchy effect for your web background layout. By implementing this effect the background color of your web layout will change with the mouse scroll of cursor. It’s a simple code snippet but it looks great with your background by making it colorful & attractive. Upon the scroll position the background color will keep on changing. You can change the background color as per your choice from coding.

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