Top Content Marketing Trends for 2019 to Generate more Business

Content marketing has become the most important & effective part to drive any online / digital marketing strategy including social media marketing. It also has got significant effect on search engine optimization. Relevant, useful & unique contents attract online users and increase interactivity which ultimately helps to generate more visitors & new leads for any business.

Most of the companies have adopted content marketing as their prime digital marketing strategy. It helps them to engage existing & new users & generates more potential leads or revenue for them.

Here we will discuss about some trending content marketing  strategies which will have an effective impact for the year 2019.

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1.  Voice Search & Assistance

Usage of internet has tremendously gone higher through smart devices in present time. Average internet access per day rapidly increases with smart devices and will keep growing  Smart devices have some interactive features and that we need to keep in mind. Therefore the content should be in-line with those interactive features to attract most of the users. Or you could fall back in the competition.

Voice Search & Assistance is definitely is the most trending feature for online content marketing and it will going to dominate with the continuously evolving smart devices. It’s already here & it will play a big part in near future. We all know about Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant & Google Home and Alexa from Amazon. These are some most popular Voice Search & Assistant.

Many other houses including Smart Device & Phone Manufacturers are also coming up with their own Voice Assistant tool. Because everyone knows it will going to be huge and will have a larger impact on marketing strategy. Its smart, fast, easy to use, eliminates typing for searches and most effective on the go. As per the data assessment & prediction more than 50 percent of searches will be driven voice search by 2020. Google recently announced that in Google App already 20 percent of searches are generated by voice compared to text searches.

Therefore marketers need to create & promote their content marketing that will perfectly response to the voice search & assistant feature. To accomplish the task your content should be Voice Search Optimized. That means the content & the keywords should be compatible & ready to response to any voice search. As voice search is different in many ways than the normal text search, so you need to give special approach to your content. Voice searches can be longer than the text one so using proper keywords and optimization is most important. Thinking like users who use voice search is the key to make your content most optimized for voice searches.


2.  Chatbots

Chatbot is also another emerging tool which is being used vastly by the companies for online marketing. It attends your site visitors 24/7 and no customer can leave your site without being unattended. Moreover you can set specific & relevant content for your different landing pages to help your customers best. It helps to reduce cost and also as per the customers feedback its helpful & fast. Many big marketing & service providing companies are already using this tool for marketing & prompt customer service.

It’s very effective for content marketing. As discussed earlier you can set personalized & topic specific content in form of recommendations, Q&A, FAQs etc. in chatbots tool. More companies are going to implement this into their site & it will definitely grow as one of the trending content marketing strategies.


3.  Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle Marketing is a great way to manage your leads. It provides most relevant content of your site to your audience, like it will offer a summary of your site to the site visitors and help to convert them as a potential lead. Content marketing strategy is very helpful for Lifecycle Marketing.

It’s very important to communicate with your visitors and cater their specific needs. Therefore before creating content for this marketing you should be very clear about your target customer, their demography and their requirements. It also helps to reduce the bounce rate of your site, converting new visitors, retaining old & revisiting customers.


4.  Data privacy

data privacy

Data privacy and security is one of the most important aspects in your content marketing strategy. It’s another prime point in content marketing trend for the coming years. So your site’s content should follow the guidelines and compliance of it. To remove any online data privacy threat from your potential customers mind it become almost mandatory for your site’s content. It also builds trust among your visitors & target customers and makes them feel secure.

Some example for accomplishing this data privacy standard.

  • Optional email opt-ins:Users can select if they are want to opt for newsletter & email subscription.
  • Provide unsubscribe button as mandatory feature:Always offer an unsubscribe button to the users so that they can opt out from the mailing list.
  • User data security & protections:Provide proper information in your content for user data privacy & protection with proper guidelines. Asses how secure your users’ data are and provide proper information.

Today internet is full of different data threats, therefore It will play an essential role as content marketing trend in 2019 to build trust on your visitors & customers.


5.  Influencer Marketing & Transparency

influencer marketing

Content transparency between you and your potential customers will play a critical role in 2019. Customers always appreciate proper information & transparency with business engagements. It also build strong trust between both the parties and also help to retain customers.

Also online & social media reviews from your existing customers are very important factors to build this reputation & trust.

80% of the online customers are driven by reviews and feedback and they make their mind according to that before entering any kind of dealing or business relationship.

Therefore always build more engagement with your existing customers and encourage them to give feedback and reviews about you. You should also give special care & attention to any dissatisfied customer and try to help them as much as you can to turn them positive. Do not forget to reply to any feedback with a thanks whether it’s a positive or negative review.

Content for influencer marketing plays a key role in this segment. Influencer Marketing is becoming one of the most trending marketing strategies now a days and it will grow in 2019.

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