Top Android Studio Plugins for Android App Development

Plugins are the most important resource & helping hand for any developer. Great plugins can highly boost the project development process & enhance the developer’s productivity. Here we will discuss about some Top Android Studio Plugins for Android App Development. These plugins will increase the performance of developer’s coding & speed up the development process with Android Studio.

Android Studio App developemnt

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1) ButterKnife Zelenzy

ButterKnife Zelenzy
Image Source: Github


Android Butterknife Zelenzy is one of the most useful & popular plug-ins for Android Studio IDEA which generates Butterknife InjectView from selected Activities, Fragments and Adapters Layouts. With only one-click you can create Butterknife view injections in your IDEA with this plugin. Apart from Android Studio it’s also compatible with IntelliJ IDEA, PHPStorm, WebStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, AppCode, CLion, Gogland, Rider, MPS & Rider. It also can generate click methods.

List View Dialog Box

Advantages of using ButterKnife Zelenzy plugin are View Bindings, Resource Bindings, Listener Bindings, View Lists, Actions, Setters, Properties and moreover a better Workflow of your App development. By doing right-click on any Layout Resource ID you can generate the InjectView / bind from context menu. After clicking on Generate ButterKnife Intections option a dialog frame will open with a list of all UI elements from the particular Layout. Here you can select widget form your Layout reference and add OnClickListener for the widget with @OnClick annotation.

ButterKnife Code

Finally after clicking on Confirm button the plugin will generate the code snippet for you.




ABD WIFI is another very useful & popular plugin among the developers. It’s a plugin for Android Studio to debug Android App over Wi-Fi. With this plugin you can easily debug & test your Android App through Wi-Fi, without using USB cable.

Not only Android Studio, but it’s also compatible with IntelliJ IDEA, PHPStorm, WebStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, AppCode, CLion, Gogland, Rider, MPS & Rider.

You can follow the video for setup steps:





ADB IDEA is another popular plugin mainly for Android Studio & IntelliJ IDEA. Also it’s compatible with PHPStorm, WebStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, AppCode, CLion, Gogland, Rider, MPS & Rider. ADB IDEA plugin speeds up your day to day App development process.

This plugin adds ADB commands such as,

  • ADB Uninstall App
  • ADB Kill App
  • ADB Start App
  •  ADB Restart App
  • ADB Clear App Data
  • ADB Clear App Data and Restart


4) Key Promoter

Key Promoter Plugin

This is another very effective plugin for android app developers. This plugin mainly shows how easily a developer can make same action by using only keyboard.

Key Promoter Shortcut

Whenever you mouse click on menu or toolbar button, the plugin will create a Shortcut Display & also will give you a Popup Alert. For speeding up your App development process it’s indeed a useful option for you.

5) DTO Generator:

DTO Generator

DTO Generator is an open source plugin mainly for Android Studio & IntelliJ. It’s basically creates Java classes from any given feed. This very useful plugin helps to reduce the time and effort to write DTO for a single feed, resulting speeding up the development process. With the help of this plugin you can paste the JSON response directly to generate a POJO (Plain Old Java Object) class for it.

This plugin is also compatible with PHPStorm, WebStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, AppCode, CLion, Gogland, Rider, MPS & Rider.


6) Android Material Design Icon Generator

Andorid Material Design Icon Plugin

Android Material Design Generator is a plugin for Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA and helps to generate & set material design Icon into your Android App Project. With this plugin developer can set material design icon in their App resources.

Andorid Material Design Icon
Image Source: Github

This has Material Icon collection. Also with this plugin importing material design icon & assets is very easy & fast. Also this plugin gives SVG’s in XML format so that you can use them easily in your application.


7) Mirror

Mirror Plugin

This is a very useful plugin to preview Android Layouts, Custom Views & Animations. This plugin is mainly for Android Studio & IntelliJ IDEA.

It has features like:

Live Code Preview– You can save your XML , Java, PNG files & instantly check in your device or immulator. You can experiment on custom views, layouts with this feature.

Prototype– You can create prototype & review it for feedback before implementing your final Java Code. You can even reuse the prototype code into your project.

Collaborate– You can sit with your designer and check and experiment with your animation, layouts & custom view with Mirror’s Previewer.

It provides a faster way to design and develop your App, because it enables faster UI changes & instant preview rather than rebuilding & reinstalling the APK file every time.


8) Markdown Navigator

Markdown Navigator

Markdown Navigator is a very handy plugin for Android Studio for directly updating Readme & other Markdown Format files.

With this effective plugin you can do the following operations:

  • You can easily paste images into documents for faster screen capture links
  • You can Drag & Drop files and images easily for fast link insertion
  • Even you can format or cleanup documents with a key stroke
  • Also you will have Navigation and Find Usages to find references without effort
  • Also you can Copy Markdown as JIRA, YouTrack or HTML formatted text
  • Moreover Convert HTML to Markdown by pasting it into a Markdown document.
  • Easily Export to HTML or PDF to share with others
  • With this plugin Refactoring of all referencing elements such as:
    • files ⟺ links
    • headings ⟺ ref anchors
    • footnotes ⟺ footnote refs
    • references ⟺ ref links/ref images
  • This plugin helps Completions to reduce typing such as:
    • link address ⇐ files
    • ref anchors ⇐ headings
    • footnote refs ⇐ footnotes
    • ref links/ref images ⇐ references
    • link text ⇐ ref anchor/link address
  • It also offers Error and Warning annotations to help catch mistakes early
  • Moreover it offers Wrap on Typing to keep it nicely formatted as you edit
  • Editing without distraction & faster with fast typing response
  • Fully customizable


9) Android Methods Count

Android Method Count Plugin

It’s a useful plugin for developers & compatible with Android Studio & IntelliJ. This plugin parses you IDE library dependency & it shows the method counts. You can manage the dex limit & also can handle multi dex seamlessly with this plugin.


10) CodeGlance

Codeglance Plugin

It’s a very helpful plugin for developers as coding perspective. It open a code mini map in the right hand side, so for long code snippets it helps the developer to go to the selected section easily by viewing code mini map.

This mini map has Zoom In / Zoom Out features, it’s scrollable & you can go directly to the selected section from the mini code map.

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