How to Find Best Keywords for Online Marketing & SEO

Behind every successful online marketing, there is a rigorous research work involved. Good market research helps you to make your strategy & target properly. Amongst various market researches, keyword analysis & research is the most crucial part for any online marketing strategy.  With the right keywords you will have better results than your competitors. It helps to redirect more visitors, leads & business volume.

A great & most useful & popular way for having a good SEO result is the competitor’s keyword analysis. With this you can identify the keywords your successful competitors use to get better ranks in search results. This is one of the easiest way to figure out the proper keywords which would give you more customers as your successful competitors are already having.

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Finding the right Keywords for your market is the key for a successful SEO.

There are some great keyword research tools which will make your job easier. With the help of these tools you can easily find out your desired keywords with lesser time & effort. Here we will discuss about some of these tools.


1.  Google Adwords Keyword Tool


Google Adwords Keyword Tools is a free tool which will solve your basic level keyword research.

This free tool is the most popular and highly useful; moreover most of the keyword research tools fetch their keyword data from Google Keyword Tool. It’s very easy to use and displays the keyword competition level. It has many filters & match types using which yon identify your appropriate & profitable keywords. The most beneficial part of this great tool is it’s from Google, which is the biggest search engine worldwide. This gives you the leverage of reviewing a large number of keywords. Moreover if you run Google Adwords Promotion then this tool is a must have option.


2.  SEOMoz Keyword Difficulty Tool


It’s a paid tool, but considered one of the best keyword research tools among the marketers. For key phrases analysis it’s the best option available. Rather than discovering profitable keywords for you, this tool provides you the detailed insight of any given keyword.

It provides details of any keyword like traffic estimation, ranking difficulty level, keyword completion level analysis & profitability.

Moreover this great tool has reporting features like tracking competitors, ranking progress which is a great option in terms of marketing aspect. Also from this tool you can analyze keywords from various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.


3. Market Samurai


Market Samurai is another paid keyword tool which is also largely popular. This tool is has a great for tracking & giving details of keyword competition and also has a powerful keyword research & analysis option.

This paid tool comes with some other great features which covers one stop online marketing aspects. With the help of this tool you can book a domain, monetize your site, perform content promotion etc.

Moreover this tool performs way faster as per keyword research & analysis.


4.  Long Tail Pro

long tail

For Search Engine Optimization & attracting organic traffic Long Tail Pro keyword research tool is one of the best options. It mainly focuses on long tail keywords. This tool helps to find & explore long tail keywords which are beneficial for your search engine optimization. Also this tool has some other useful benefits like, it gives faster performance, provides a scalable  research result, Useful but easy to use wizards.

Moreover this tool also offers facilities like domain finder, competition level analysis,  keyword research from various search engines  and also gives you 800 keywords options for your phrase.


5.  WordTracker

Word Tracker

This old tool was one of the first tools for keyword research. Its USP is to provide a powerful & accurate competitor analysis & the profitable keywords they are using. It helps you highly to identify & plan your SEO with the perfect keywords.  It uses an algorithm called Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) for finding the most profitable & relevant keyword for your business. Moreover it has a user friendly keyword map which offers spreadsheet with details.


6.  Keyword Discovery


Its another popular tool for keywords research. Its in the top lists because of its unique feature that is, it fetches keyword data form a large number of databases & search engines. The databases it accesses are Yahoo search, Global Databases, shopping carts, industry keywords etc. Moreover this tools has smart options for performing the perfect the keyword research like, filters, trends, translations and more.


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