How to Create High Quality Backlinks for Higher Ranking 2018


Backlinks had always been the most important part to determine higher ranking of websites for almost all search engines. Google considers credible backlinks as a kind of recommendation, so the more authentic backlinks with proper & renowned sites a website has the higher credibility & preference it holds to rank higher and appear in search results.

But there are some ways to build backlinks with non-authentic & invalid sites, also creating backlinks with the help of some unethical tactics. These improper techniques used to create more backlinks for a site in shorter time & without a proper process. The reason behind that was the notion that the more back links a site has the higher ranking it generally gets. Google introduced new policies to identify those sites with improper backlinks to lower their ranks in Google’s SERPs.

Therefore you have to be very cautious with how you earn your backlinks. Google already penalizes the sites, which have suspicious backlinks. Black Hat SEO technique has been long before rejected by Google. So keep a good distance from those improper link building techniques & concentrate more about earning good & authentic backlinks and also backlinks from the sites which has higher viewers & ranking in SERPs.

In today’s scenario “Black Hat” link building technique is totally rejected but “white hat” and all other ethical & proper link building techniques will definitely work for your higher ranking. Authentic & high quality backlink building requires lots of effort & time but once you earn it, you will be ahead of your competitors and will have much higher place in Google or other Search Engine’s rankings.

So here we will discuss about How to Build Quality Backlinks for Higher Rank 2018.

Always remember your backlinks should be  “dofollow link” otherwise it will not help you to achieve higher rank & viewers.

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1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging

Few years ago low quality, irrelevant bulk guess posting was a trend for many SEO strategies. But scenario has changed now over a couple of years. Google warned & identified such guest posts & turned off the technique of mass guest posting to improve any sites ranking. This unethical technique has been penalized by Google. Many blog sites has been black listed as well as many bloggers has been turned off by Google for this reason. But Guest Posting will help you a lot to increase your visibility in search results if you do it ethically, follow the proper way & post high quality useful contents. Guest Posting or Guest Blogging is an effecting backlink building technique which you must follow.

To accomplish this task you need to find some good Guest Blogging sites first. Guest blog sites with higher viewers & higher DA (Domain Authority) should be you first target.

Now you need to find out which sites have guest posts from your closest competitors. If you figure it out then you could have a fair chance to be features as a guest author on those sites. There are many tools available to find guest posts by a certain author. Ahrefs’ Content Explorer  is one of those tools.

HubSpot, Forbes, Business 2 Community, Entrepreneur  are some of the best sites worldwide for Guest Posting. If your post is valuable enough and it gets features in these sites then you will have a great impression & advantage which will improve your rank in search results.

And above all the most important part is your content. To become a contributor for reputed & renowned blog sites; your content should be relevant, helpful, contemporary, interactive & innovative with high content quality maintained.


2. Broken Link Building

Broken Links

This is another useful way to earn links & higher your ranking.

Almost every website has broken links. Even most popular & well maintained sites also have problem with broken links. You need to target those sites. Broken links are the links which are no longer available, working or exist. Each page in a site or link is associated to some other page & link. Sometimes for website modification, redesign, moving content link could be broken & do not work, or could be linked to page which is moved or no longer exist. While clicking those broken links it shows ‘Error 404’ which is a bad user experience & not good for any site’s impression.  This is a big problem & it could affect your ranking because this broken links will hamper your site to be crawled & indexed properly.

Broken link building technique resolves this issue & helps you to create authentic links for your site.

Firstly you need to find sites which have broken links. Approach those sites to replace their non-existing broken links with valid link from your site with their relevant contents which also help them in some way. In this way you can earn valuable backlinks for your site. Remember your offering should compel the site owner and he should feel that it’s a win-win deal your content should satisfy your target site’s need.

This strategy is as effective as Guest Posting for building valuable backlinks and also it can be accomplished with lesser effort & proper approach.

Points to follow

Most importantly the content for the broken link is completely yours & you have the full control over it unlike the Guest Blog. So in later stages also you can use your links for other sites if your target site plans to fix their broken links.

To identify the sites with broken links & the particular page you can use tools which are available in market. Ahrefs Broken Link Checker is one of those tools.

Remember you need find only sites or broken links which match your content. Also do not forget to ensure that the links are “dofollow” links. This is most important criteria; you must find only the “dofollow” links, otherwise it will not be of any help.


3. Skyscraper Technique

Skyscraper Content

Skyscraper content is quite familiar term in current content marketing trends. Skyscraping Technique is mainly finding new high quality contents with good viewers. Now with reference to that content you need to create your own content which is bigger, better or both at the same time. This is a great & effective technique to create contents which is already proven good. Also it will help you to earn backlinks with lesser effort but with proper approach.

Brian Dean of Backlinko made this effective technique popular. When you are out of topics, It’s a great way to find good article topics & contents for your blog which will also help you to earn quality backlinks.

So simply find a relevant topic which has good number of viewers or earned backlinks and then improve it with more data, points & pictures. Keep it in mind that your content should be unique.


4. Public Interactions & Relations


Public Interactions & Relations is a traditional & one of the most crucial strategies for marketing. But it’s also equally crucial for digital promotion & quality backlink building for your site.

The strategy & approach is the same as the traditional one & as the term refers.

You can achieve this through various community, forums and blog sites. Also social media platforms are one of the best ways to build public relations. Make a proper plan & approach to make your public relation strategy effective for earning backlinks. Approaching various site through mails also can help you on this.

Press Releases is another great way to get backlinks for your site. But you need to be very careful on that. If you staff many keywords into your anchor text, which is kind of unnatural then you might have a chance for Penguin Penalty by Google. So use natural anchor text and put only relevant links which perfectly matches with the content.

Parting Note

Link building is one of the deciding factors for higher ranking & more viewers for any site. For earning quality backlinks, always remember the term ‘Content is the King’. Your content will speak for you. If you have quality content which is unique, informative and appealing to the audience you will always be ahead of your competitors to earn quality backlinks.

Creating good infographics is also a great way to attract a guest blog site & audience. Infographic has a large number of audiences compared to normal articles, because of its attractive design, easily understandable content with data & images.

Key is being up to date on your domain & area of business, analyzing the market trend & current activities. Also you should keep a close eye on your competitors and their target sites for backlinks. There are many tools available in market to give the competitor backlink details.

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