Bermuda Triangle’ also known as ‘Devil’s Triangle’ is loosely located in the South-Eastern coast of USA in Atlantic Ocean. The area is bounded by Miami (Florida, USA), San Juan (Puerto Rico) and North Atlantic Bermuda Island which loosely form a triangle like shape and hence, the name coined. The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most mysterious things of our age and its most infamous myth is circulating around the globe for long. It is believed that this area has some paranormal forces & creates illusion and anything passes through the Bermuda Triangle will be disappeared or will be time traveled. Some says this area will thrust something into a mystic world. According to many articles & sources, numerous boats, planes, cruises even ships gone untraceable while crossing this area. These were apparently disappeared in the triangle. Even as per some record, some rescue crew also vanished from there. Many research & documentation works were going on to uncover the truth behind Bermuda Triangle. Probable reasons for these disappearances vary from different sources, some of them are scientific explanations and others are sheer myth.

Its’ terrifying reputation may scare us, but Bermuda Triangle is actually a frequently sailed lane for ships, cruises & boats. Many commercial & private air crafts also travel through this area regularly disrupted. But it is also true from evidences that there are some strange occurrences and actually many flight and ships gone missing from this area. Stories of mystical disappearance of planes & ships in Bermuda Triangle starts reaching to public with disappearance of Flight 19, a Torpedo Bomber Plane from US; no traces were found & since then many strange incidents & disappearances are reported every year in Bermuda Triangle and made it a mysterious place with paranormal behavior & largely discussed talking point.

Some of most in famous reported incidents are:

USS Cyclops:

The greatest mystery of US Navy is the disappearance of USS Cyclops, a carrier ship with 309 crew members, which left from Barbados and went missing in Bermuda Triangle area.

Flight 19:

Flight 19 is also considered to be the most mysterious disappearance in Bermuda Triangle and perhaps this incident made Bermuda the center of discussion & research. It was a US Bomber Plane that took off from Florida Naval Base on December 5th, 1945. It disappeared in this region and never returned. As per official reports it was mentioned as “Reasons Unknown”. One of the rescue mariner also disappeared while searching for Flight 19.

Douglas DC-3:

Douglas DC-3 was an aircraft with 32 people went missing in 1958 and no trace of the flight was ever found.

Tudor Star Tiger:

A Tudor Mark IV Aircraft, Tudor disappeared from radar while flying inside Bermuda Triangle. It was about to land in Bermuda Airport, but never landed and disappeared for ever. This is also a strange mystery of this region.

Connemara IV:

In 1955 an abandoned pleasure yacht named Connemara IV was found near Bermuda Triangle region with no crew members.

These are only few infamous cases of Bermuda Triangle, but there are a long list of strange incidents & disappearances in this region over the past century.

Though there are a large number of people believe that incidents in Bermuda Triangle are caused by some paranormal & supernatural forces like UFO, Time Vortex, some unexplained evil sources even the mythical ‘Lost Continent of Atlantis’, but some independent theories, deep researches and some evidential record explain the possible realistic & scientific reasons behind this mystical events. In most of the cases culprit were human error, misjudgment & lack of knowledge of the region and terrible weather.

Bermuda triangle is not a small area, but it covers a very large area of Atlantic, almost 440,000 miles of sea. As per many researchers the events in this region are so much exaggerated and number of incidents in this huge area are almost similar to incidents happens in other parts of the ocean.

Major realistic theories explaining the mystery:

Compass Variation: In the Bermuda Triangle, it is one of two places on Earth where a compass will not point to magnetic north rather it points the true north and creates compass variation. This means that you need to calculate & adjust otherwise it will create confusion and you will end up off course. This situation actually happened to so many lost cases.

Gulf Stream: Gulf Stream is a surface current which springs up from Gulf of Mexico and flows through Florida into North Atlantic. Gulf Stream is one of the most significant reasons, that traces or debris of lost ships & planes in Bermuda Triangle never found. Gulf Stream runs near this region and debris carried away or engulfed by it.

Human Error: As per many reports, one of the main culprits of the infamous lost cases is human errors. Misjudgment, confusion, stubbornness caused so many crash & lost cases and disappearances.

Violent weather:  The weather sometimes becomes very violent in this tropical region. Many powerful storms, hurricanes, cyclones are reported every year in this area and caused many ship & aircraft wrecks.

Hexagonal Cloud & Air Bomb: From satellite images it is discovered that strange hexagonal clouds form in the Bermuda Triangle area. These clouds are capable of blasting winds at a terrible speed to the ocean below and can cause a turmoil & 50 feet high waves. Ships & planes trapped into this will be destroyed totally wrecked totally leaving no traces.

Electromagnetic field: For most disappearances it is believed that there is a strong electromagnetic field into this region which causes instrument malfunction and also creates a strong downward magnetic force into the ocean.

Methane Hydrates: A large field of Methane Hydrate into this region is another explanation for the disappearances. The huge gas source under the sea surface erupts and can form bubbles making water density very lower and the gas bubbles also blow out sometimes. For this decreased water density ships can easily sink like big rocks and planes flying over this region can caught fire and destroyed completely with the gas blowouts.

Above points explain the possible scientific reasons behind many disappearances in Bermuda Triangle. Still incidents in this region drew huge interest among people and its exaggerated mystic disappearances spread like fire and over the time it became one of the top mysteries of world.

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