Top Realistic & Attractive Web Designing Effects with WebGL Shader 2019

Here we will discuss about Top Realistic & Attractive Web Designing Effects with WebGL Shader 2019 which will enhance your web layouts and will give it a magnificent look & ambiance.

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1. Waterdroplet WebGL Shader


See the Pen
Waterdroplet WebGL Shader
by Stefan Weck (@stefanweck)
on CodePen.

Waterdroplet WebGL Shader is one of the coolest realistic special effect for web design by Stefan Werk. This special effect is an amazing creative realistic design work which can be implemented in web design using technology. It’s a water droplet effect on a web layout or a screen. The most amazing part of this effect is that it seems very real and attractive. WebGL Shader is used here for the realistic special effect & it’s written in JavaScript.


2. Three js water shader

See the Pen
Three js water shader
by Jonathan Blair (@knoland)
on CodePen.


Three js is an amazingly cool water effect by Jonathan Blair which is later compiled by David Hartley as ShaderToy with more enhance effects. This is one of the best implementation of WebGLSL (Web Graphics Library Shader Language) to incorporate realistic special effects into any web design to enrich it more. This high-end creative special effect uses maximum resources of your system and gives you an enigmatic experience. It creates effects like ripples in the water, small and large waves with changing colors which is truly a teat to your eyes and above all it looks so realistic.


3. Pixijs.v3 Shader Example by Omar Shehata

See the Pen
Pixijs.v3 Shader Example
by Omar Shehata (@omarshe7ta)
on CodePen.


Pixijs.v3 is another fantastic realistic special effect concept created by Omar Shehata and Powered by Pixi.js. This amazing special effect has a smoke & haze effect and you will be mesmerized with its detailing realistic look & feel. It can add a different dimension to your web layout & make it compelling enough to your viewers.


4. Snowfall WebGL Shader by Boris Šehovac

See the Pen
Snowfall WebGL Shader
by Boris Šehovac (@bsehovac)
on CodePen.


This is another beautiful realistic effect to enhance your web background. It adds a snowfall effect which is subtle & realistic. The creator Boris Sehovac incorporated different sizes, different blurs and speeds to the snowflakes and creates a wonderful snowfall effect. Also it has a cool wind effect which moves the snowflakes in both the direction to create a more realistic snowfall environment. This whole effect environment has been created by native WebGL Shader.


5. Concept by Anand Davaasuren

See the Pen
by Anand Davaasuren (@at80)
on CodePen.


Anand Davaasuren’s special effect concept is the most soothing & beautiful realistic effects which can be implemented on your Web design. This concept is similar like the snowfall effect but instead of snowflakes it’s been replaced by beautiful heart shaped petals. This effect has a subtle, beautiful & calm effect which gives comfort to your eyes and creates a wonderful soothing atmosphere.


6. Clouds Shader by David Hartley

See the Pen
Pixi.js Clouds Shader
by David Hartley (@davidhartley)
on CodePen.


This is another cool effect by David Hartley & powered by Pixi.js which is based on Cloud & how it floats. If you want to implement sky effect with floating clouds in your web design then it’s the perfect choice for you. Moreover it’s so realistic and by moving your cursor you can enjoy the effects of the floating cloud environment.


 7. Chrome by Liam Egan

See the Pen
GLSL: Chrome
by Liam Egan (@shubniggurath)
on CodePen.


Chrome based on GLSL is a dense liquid effect by Liam Egan which has an enigmatic effect. Though it’s not at all realistic but it has a psychedelic effect and its liquid moving pattern & depth looks incredible & real. Moreover with the cursor movement it changes its form & shape with liquid effects which makes it more mesmerizing.


8. Ripple effect by Martin Laxenaire

See the Pen
curtains.js ripple effect example
by Martin Laxenaire (@martinlaxenaire)
on CodePen.


This is another special effect concept by Martin Laxenaire. Though it’s not so realistic effect but has a cool ripple effect. With movement of the cursor images also move like a curtain and create a real ripple effect. Curtains.js is used to implement this effect. It might be useful for specific effect needs.


9. Glitched Fireflies

See the Pen
Glitched Fireflies
by Fabien Motte (@FabienMotte)
on CodePen.


Glitched Fireflies by Fabien Motte has become a popular effect as a glitch on the screen with illuminated fireflies’ effect. With the mouse movement the fireflies moves through the vertical axis and also creates a glitch special effect on your screen. Its creative & cool and can be used as per specific effect requirements.

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