Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Exchange Application Development with Ethereum Platform


Blockchain has gained a lot of attention & curiosity over the last few years. It the newest addition to the digital currency technology. It opened a new horizon & opportunity for dealing & exchanging Virtual Currency all over the world. Tech communities started to find its potential in the digital currency domain.

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What is Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin

Recently we were hearing a lot of buzz about some terms like, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & the most common one Bitcoin. So what’s basically these terms stand for?

In one phrase Blockchain is basically the technology for digital currency or Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin is the most popular Cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology was invented to create Cryptocurrency which is basically a medium of digital or virtual currency exchange. But unlike the hard currency its digital or virtual and also uses encryption & validation techniques for crypto or virtual currency creation & transaction verification.

So, Blockchain is the technology for creating digital asset like Virtual or Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency which is one of the most famous among many others. Blockchain is mainly a digital, decentralized & distributed public ledger for keeping record of all peer-to-peer virtual, digital or cryptocurrency transactions. So, Blockchain keeps records of all cryptocurrency transactions without a central record system & each node, device or peer gets a automatically downloaded Blockchain transaction copy. It’s a great innovation of technology which allows users to transfer cryptocurrency assets through Internet without a centralized body. This technology can open various positive avenues in future financial market, but at the same time can be manipulated in many ways for forgery & unethical means.



Cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital asset & has various types or coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, PotCoin, PrimeCoin. It uses encryption & tokens for verification & transaction. For buying, selling, exchange, trading, investing or other virtual currency deals it operate & execute with blockchain native token or subtoken.



Ethereum is one of the most popular decentralized, distributed public platform for blockchain & cryptocurrency ledger handling. It generates token & subtoken for every transaction. Its a open source computing platform with smart contract feature.


Key Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Portal

  • Distributed, decentralized blockchain network
  • Live exchange rates
  • High frequency trading & order execution
  • Blockchain Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Blockchain Smart Contracts
  • Secure Token & Validation through API
  • Smart storage for data & contracts
  • Auto approval with verification for exchange, buy, sell
  • Multiple exchanges & market discovery as per client’s API preferences
  • Easy User Access & Full Control
  • Highly encrypted, safe & secure
  • Downloadable Trade History for User / Customer & Admin
  • Provision for Gateway Integration
  • Easy rollback for users with auto validation against token
  • Component Isolation for devices
  • Circuit breakers & alerting system to Admin for customer accounts


Primary Flow:

  • Real-time exchange rate through API engine.
  • Registration & Login through Web Portal
  • Account ID verification with integrated API & existing Wallet
  • User Area with real-time rates & other features
  • Available crypto currency exchange screen with real-time rates
  • Easy exchange process
  • Transaction history screen
  • Token history
  • Ticket generation for support & queries


User / Customers Centric Features:

  • Live rates
  • Easy Registration
  • Guide
  • Dashboard area with transaction history & data
  • Account Report
  • Liquidity
  • Speedy execution
  • Asset Safety
  • Highly Scalable for exchanges
  • Processing & validation through real-time engine
  • Account & asset security with encrypted algorithm
  • Easy exchange & transaction
  • Easy rollback with auto validation against token


Major Backend Management Features:

  • Dashboard feature puts critical Transaction information in the forefront
  • Analytical Stats at a glance in Dashboard.
  • Site monitoring & approval.
  • Access Management.
  • CMS for Website.
  • User Management.
  • Plugin Management.
  • Transaction History.
  • Auto Validation.
  • Token History
  • Built-in reports
  • Save reports as PDFs or Excel spreadsheets
  • Track sales
  • Monitor tasks
  • Coaching tools
  • New business and forecasting tools
  • Graphical comparison reports on different time periods
  • Trade History
  • Run sheets, expiring contracts, aging
  • Transaction, revenue, commission, credit hold reports

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