Logo Design New York for wine club business – “Grape Expectations”

Grape Expectations

Logo name: Grape Expectations

The all logos are for wine club. It is start up company. Our clients don’t have any suggestion about logo,no any color preference. All logos are totally made up by our creativity.Clients just want a very lively logo,not so simple.

Concept of logo:

In the first logo,the blue one,is a nice combination of colors. The silver one and blue color reflects properly. It includes a wine glass that shows a identity of wine club.
Grape Expectations

The second green logo is great combinations of colors. The green and white matches perfectly. It is simple logo using some glasses and some grape leaves to reflect the logo name.

Grape Expectations

The red one is very colorful logo. It includes many colors like as red background,green,violet etc. In this logo you can see the origin of wine. Including grapes of different colors,also grape veins,the wordings perfectly shows that wine company’s logo.

Grape Expectations

This is another another great mix up of creativity and professional logo. The color blue and golden is a good match for any logo. Also the effects on wordings looks very precious. The design is so good,for use it as any stamp logo.

Grape Expectations









Clients requirement was 5-6 logos to choose the best one amongst them. As that we design several logos to meetup their requirements. This is another very stylish logo including grape veins. The tagline and the logo designs goodly match up for a wine business. As wines are mainly formed from grapes,also their logo name includes it,so its great.

Grape Expectations

This is the last one that we made for our clients. It is a simple logo,not very complex one. The red and black also a good match for this logo. These are the all 6 logos that we designed for “Grape Expectations” wine business. Hope,our clients will be very successful in their business. It was a great success with them.

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