Most Popular Open Source Web Development Tools

Web Development scenario has evolved a lot from the past half a decade. Various advance feature implementation & cutting edge tools development took place in the Web Development sector. Developers also kept them updated to match with the advancement. These advance tools also minimised developers effort, provided them an easy and flexible interface for coding with lesser time frame and overall made web development budget friendly & effective. Here we will discuss about the Advance & Most Popular Open Source Web development Tools.


Node.js is an open source tool for executing server side JavaScript code. It’s a cross platform JS runtime environment, which is built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Unlike JavaScript, which is a client side scripting, Node.js enables JavaScript to run on server side. It has a huge range of useful open source library created by communities. On npm website you can find many of these libraries. Node.js makes web application fast & high performing.


Angular JS:

Angular JS is a front end web development framework, based on JavaScript. With a <script> tag we can add it to HTML page. It extends a html page with new and advance attributes. It’s a perfect platform for a single page web application. It is popular amongst cross platform app developers. Angular JS components complement Apache Cordova, which is a cross platform mobile app development tool. It provides MVC & MVVM architectures & helpful for rich web applications.



It’s an open source code editor from adobe. It’s popular for editing HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes. Brackets written in HTML, CSS & JAVA. It provides a live browser preview in editor itself that fasten the editing & coding process of a web application. It’s a useful tool for web designers & font end web developers.


Bootstrap is an open source web development framework for responsive & mobile-first application development. It has its own set of classes, grids, forms, navigation, buttons, container, media queries and also JavaScript extensions. On GitHub it’s the most starred project. Because its intuitive, sleek, powerful, faster & moreover an easier web development tool.



Presently Atom is one of the most popular text & source-code editors. It is a cross platform tool with plug-in support. Its written in Node.js & embedded Git control. It’s a hackable editor developed & popularized by GitHub. It has cross platform editing option. Also it has built-in package manager. Its Smart Autocompletion feature helps to write code faster & without syntactical error. You can split the interface screen in multiple panes to compare and edit codes.



Its a popular and useful text & source code editor for Windows. Moreover for more than 50 programming, scripting & markup languages it has an interface for code editing, syntax highlighting & code folding. It has good range of plug-ins & a huge community support. It also supports Macro recording & playback, bookmark and find & replace.



XAMPP is very popular amongst web developers. Its an open source, cross platform web development tool. Full form of XAMPP is X-(Cross) platform, Apache, MariaDB, PHP and Perl. As the name suggests, its a complete package for MariaDB, PHP, Pearl & Apache; therefore developers don’t need to install these packages for development.



Its certainly one of the most popular tools amongst web developers. Its a Mozilla Firefox extension which offers an interface for editing, debugging & monitoring CSS, HTML, JavaScript components on a live webpage. It inspects, edit & check perfections of CSS, HTML & JavaScript. Firebug has quick error finding & debugging feature. It also manages cookies.

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