Cutting Edge Web Development Technologies Which Are Trending Amongst Programmers

Web Development, including Front End and Application Development is one of the fastest growing and evolving sectors of IT Industry. In current time every day there is new development & launches in this particular area. There are new releases of programming languages, new version releases with latest up gradations of tools, IDE & frameworks. There are some basic components of Web Development such as;  IDE, Language & Platform, Front End, CMS, Database, Editors & Tools, Back end, Scripting language and Frameworks. With the increasing demand of Mobile Applications web development strategy & logic’s also updated. In Current scenario business logic has been shifted from back end to front end in many cases with focus in APIs delegated through back end. Developers started emphasis more in front end Frameworks.

For any business or organizations Custom Web Development for their specific requirements is the key factor of their success. A robust web Application can monitor and maintain the whole business flow of a small or big organization and can give it the right opportunities for growth.

Here we will look into some trending Web Development technologies:


Angular JS 2.0 for Web App Development:

Angular.js is a high end, powerful web development technology and has been very popular amongst web developers in a shorter period of time. Recently, a latest version of Angular.js i.e Angular 2 has released with some major up-gradations. Angular 2 is a latest, cross-platform front-end framework having all the major features of Angular.js. Angular 2 also provides some advance features and capabilities, such as robust support for mobile application development, reusable components, easy object orientation and incorporation of Flux and React.js.

Some benefits of Angular JS 2.0:

  • Faster & Modern Browser friendly.
  • Optimal for Mobile application than previous Angular JS version.
  • Better Performance.
  • Robust & Flexible.
  • Easily Applicable.
  • High performance & complex animation timelines with lesser code through intuitive API.
  • Faster & stable testing of program.

JQUERY Technology for Web Development:


JQUERY is a cross platform fast & rich JavaScript library mainly for advance client side scripting. It simplifies event handling, animation, document traversal & AJAX with an easy to use API across web browsers. jQuery supports browser extensions, nodes and other non-browser environments. To build JQuery latest version of Node.js/npm and git 1.7 or later is needed. For developing in Windows Platform developer needs to install git & Node.js.

Major Advantages of JQuery:

  • Its light weight.
  • Wide range of plugins available.
  • Easier to learn & implement.
  • Very large & active developers’ community for reference & support.

Some effects of JQuery Usage:

Some largely used effects of JQuery are scroll, Fade, zoom, pattern, toggle, show, hide, stop, queue, load, drag, resize, animations etc.

Some JQuery implementation use cases:

  • Slideshows
  • Photo galleries
  • Manipulating images by cropping and resizing
  • Tabbed content
  • Form validation
  • Scrolling or sliding text, for example, news tickers
  • Accordion effects
  • Tool tips
  • Roll-over effects and animations
  • Interactive maps
  • Fancy menus and navigations
  • Advanced animations
  • Charts
  • Small WYSIWYG editors
  • Music and video players
  • Background image animations

There are so many benefits of using J Query and it’s largely used by developers. In a very short period it has become the most popular scripting library.

Web Development using Cake PHP Framework:

cake php

Large scale customized Web Application Development:

Cake PHP is a robust open source web framework for Web Development. It’s a simple, faster & high performance programming approach with lesser coding. Latest Cake PHP Framework version 5.5+ is very popular & high end & safer programming interface for small as well as big and complex web applications. It’s written in PHP and follows Data Mapping, front Controller and MVC model which make it structured Framework and provide PHP developers a platform to develop custom high end & large scale web applications.

Some Features & Benefits:

  • It’s open source & MIT license.
  • It follows MVC & ORM pattern which make it more scalable & secure.
  • Proper class inheritance.
  • Code re usability, modularized, plugins support.
  • Auto configuration of the location library or URL, only proper database connection settings required.
  • Built-in validation checking.
  • AJAX support enabled.
  • Highly Secure & safe framework for Web Development.
  • Various plugins, helpers to reduce time of code writing for the developer.

For any Web Development, may it be a small or large scale customized web application for organizations; Cake PHP can be a very useful choice with security, integrity & robustness.

Web Development with CodeIgniter Framework:


CodeIgniter is an open source web framework mainly used to build Dynamic Websites. Its loosely based on the MVC pattern. It’s largely adopted by developers because it’s faster, lighter and simpler.

Some Advantages of CodeIgniter:

  • Easy to learn & implement.
  • Easy to migrate between servers.
  • Easy handling & customizing.
  • Required almost zero configuration.
  • Flexible & easy to manage.
  • Updation & implementing new logic is easier and faster.
  • Clear documentation.
  • Compatible with modern browsers & normal hosting.
  • No restrictive coding rules.
  • Simple solution against complex problems.

For these above mentioned advantages CodeIgniter is largely accepted by developers over its competitors.

Web Development with Laravel Framework in PHP:


Laravel is one of the most popular, adopted & strong open-source PHP frameworks in the market. The latest version of Laravel 5.3 framework consists of some latest and useful features for modern app, such as queue library, object-relational mapping (ORM), routing, authentication etc.

Advantages of Laravel 5.3:

  • Its documentation is very good and easy to understand.
  • Easy syntax.
  • Supporting packages.
  • The latest version has some good features like extended notification system, support for real time application etc.
  • It makes API authentication simpler.

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