Various TRENDY car related logos for different countries

Design 1


Client from: Peru
Logo name: Agrupcar


Concept of logo: The motto of this company is help their customers by simplifying the way they buy their new car, saving their time and money. It is a newly created company. Client wants a very minimalist logo, so the color we chosen are black and white.


Design 2


Client from: Chile
Logo name: Club Motorsport

Website :


Design 3


Client from: Paraguay

Logo name: Grupo Alfa

Website :

Concept of logo: It is a vehicle repair company. Client want a logo similar to a car brand, something like FIAT,NISSAN,FORD,LAND ROVER. For a group of companies, it will have a “car wash”,and “a mechanic shop” and other things.Their color combinations are also very brandy,using glowing stars on the logo also gives a new look,very eye catching ,and easily recognizable.


Design 4


Client from: Spain
Logo name: Nieblacar

Website : Under Progress.

Concept of logo: It is a company of Car Security. For very first time we received a amazing car security concept.Their ideas are just unbelievable. They use fog to protect a taxi and private vehicles from robbery. Their patented system fills the car with fog in 20 seconds in case of robbery.The logo also reflects their ideas properly.It was a very great success with that clients.


Design 5

Richard huntley

Client from: United States
Logo name: Richard Huntley

Website : Under Progress.

Concept of logo: It is a US company for car sales.They want very minimalist logo,somehow a car includes in the logo name.Their chosen colors are red,white and black.They also want a very easily recognizable logo,and that is the result of their need.


Design 6

All in 5k

Client from: United States
Logo name: All-in 5K

Website : Under Progress.

Concept of logo: It is also a US company’s racing logo. The color used here are black, blue and white,likewise flag colors.The background stripes shows the aggressiveness,perfect for any racing brands.


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