Top React Libraries and Tools 2019


Over the past couple of years React Web Application & Apps became one of the primary choices for Companies as well as developers. For cross platform Apps React became very popular. React became popular because it produces high performing cross platform Apps and uses robust Native codes. It’s an open source JavaScript library developed by Facebook and is capable of creating advance UIs & Apps also it creates cutting edge rich UI with speedy & stable performance. Here we will discuss about some Top React Libraries and Tools 2019.

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1. React-Bootstrap

react bootstrap

We all know Bootstrap is one of the most popular & widely used Responsive Front-End designing & development framework globally. React is also getting popular among developers for creative cross platform application by using native codes. React-Bootstrap is a rebuilt of Bootstrap for React.

React-Bootstrap replaces the Bootstrap javascript with React components and creates a powerful reusable front-end components library. This eliminates any jQuery dependencies in coding. Therefore it’s rather advance framework version of traditional Bootstrap. React-Bootstrap library doesn’t have repetitive code snippets and is more advance & cutting-edged front-end development library than the traditional bootstrap.


2. Material-UI

material-ui for react

Material-UI is a great & useful component library to incorporate Google’s Material Design principle in your React Application. This makes your application smarter, beautiful & useful by implementing Google’s Material Design. Material Design is basically a design language developed by Google in the year of 2014 which is mainly collection of grid-based layouts, responsive animations and transitions, padding, and depth effects such as lighting and shadows. One of the most popular rich front-end designing React UI frameworks is Material-UI. It incorporates Google’s Material Designing components & principle and developed UI component library using React code.  With Material-UI you can use some components like App Bars, Auto Complete, Badges, Buttons, Cards, Dialog Boxes, Icons, Menus, Sliders that will make your application rich in terms of User Experience.


3. UI-Router for React

UI-Router React

UI-Router for React is written in Typescript and used for React Apps. You can navigate & provide state-based routing for React application with this library tool. It makes React Apps more dynamic because you can navigate through a react app with its various states where each & every navigated pages will have their own content. Moreover you can bookmark different pages of an application as you navigate. This component allows the react app to change the URLs with the navigation. It boosts the allover performance of the App and makes the App diversified. Most importantly it’s easy to understand & integrate for the developers as it has a detailed API documentation.


4. Gatsby.js


Gatsby.js is a popular open source & free React framework to develop high performing dynamic & responsive websites & Apps. This framework library collects data from different Data Sources such as various CMS frameworks like WordPress, Drupal, Contentful etc.; APIs, Databases, YAML, JSON, CSV, etc.; and even a Documentations & File System. Then Sites & Apps can be deployed using HTML, CSS & React coding.

As Gatsby is capable of pulling data from different sources so using the rich data plugin ecosystem of Gatsby you can use your desired data in your site or application.


5. React


React is a very advance & useful tool to render & create reusable documents that use React components within Sketch. This tool is designed & developed by Airbnb to manage their robust design system and make it simple & use React components in their design system.


Usefulness of React

  • Manage design systems— This tool is mainly for Airbnb’s design system; It makes things easiest to manage Sketch assets in a large design system.
  • Use real components for designs— With the help of this tool it becomes easier to implement designs in as React components code and render them into Sketch.
  • Design with real data— Designing with data is important but tough; with the help of this app you can simply fetch and incorporate real data into your Sketch files.
  • Build new tools on top of Sketch— Its very useful to sketch & design custom design tools.


6. React Virtualized

React Virtualized


React Virtualized library is all about enhancing your visual experience to stressful large lists and tables.  It basically renders long-scrolling lists and tables and produces attractive, highly-customizable user experience.


7. styled-components


With Styled-components you can use ES6 & Real CSS to style your Application’s React components using real CSS code. You do not need to map between components and styling, rather using styled-components you can directly style your React components easy & fast.


8. Blueprint

React Blueprint

Blueprint is an open source React based UI kit that has a collection of real React components with common interface elements. Most importantly this UI kit is very useful component library for almost every application. It includes UI components like buttons, icons, various navigation systems etc. Moreover this UI Kit can highly customize UI elements. Above all the components are highly accessible and also work with keyboard navigation.


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