Top CodeIgniter Libraries Most Useful for Your Project 2019

CI is one of the most popular & commonly used frameworks for custom web application & website development. It uses easy code structure, its simple to implement, lightweight yet robust and follows MVC architecture. CodeIgniter also uses third party libraries which can enhance your project more. Here we will discuss about Top CodeIgniter Libraries Most Useful for Your Project 2019.

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1. Grocery CRUD

Grocery CRUD

Grocery CRUD is a very popular CodeIgniter library which can be very useful for developer. Creating fully operational & stable CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) in CodeIgniter (CI) this library is very effective because it doesn’t require much coding & creating CRUD easier & faster here. It also creates a very nice view and most importantly it’s free & open source. It’s an automatic library and you need few lines of basic coding so using this CI library is easier for basic level programmers though it can create powerful & professional project ready CRUD.

Creating a simple but stable, secure & powerful CRUD is the basic need for almost every project. But we generally spend a lot more time to create this. Here Grocery CRUD will resolve this problem. In CI framework with the help of Grocery CRUD library you can create fully operation CRUD system in just lesser than a minute. So it’s a must have for CI developers.

Developers can use this CodeIgniter CRUD generator anywhere without writing tedious code lines; also they don’t need to copy & paste every time CSS, JavaScript, HTML, functions and other source codes repeatedly for creating CRUD. Rather with few lines of coding you can create your CRUD within one minute using this library. Some of most important features of this library is its Open Source, Multilingual, Simple but Robust, compatible with almost all modern browsers, has multiple pre-built customizable themes, flexible with database relations, well documented and has large community support.


2. HybridIgniter


HybridIgniter is same as a HybridAuth which is an source social login library. With this library you can easily implement social login in your CI web project to engage your visitors & customers.  It’s easy to use and you can implement social media Login, sharing, user profiles, friend list, status update & other social media activities with this library.

HybridAuth Social Plugin

This library is a very effective tool which connects you CI application with various social media APIs likeas Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. You just copy and paste your Library files into your CI project corresponding folder then you need to configure the providers inside and modify the controller according to your requirement.


3. CodeIgniter Template Library

Simple Template Library

CodeIgniter Template Library is another popular CI library to create complex templates for your project with the help of its widgets & partial views. Moreover you can load dynamic content inside partials view or in widget files. It uses the same method chaining as CI.  This library basically calls a template which use partial view file. The template library manages partial objects which represents the partial view section in the project.  You can just copy the files and put it into your projects corresponding folder to use this CI Template Library.


4. Cjax Ajax Framework


Cjax is a lightweight & flexible Ajax framework library which follows MVC architecture & used in PHP Web Projects both in applications & websites. Its execution is faster and its very easy to use for developers. With the help of this framework you can run JavaScript with PHP. Cjax basically turns PHP or Ajax code into an array first and after that it turns it into XML / JSON String referred as ‘Actions’. These Actions are passed into JavaScript function on page load and turn them into a JSON object. It then executes each action & triggers functions found in the cjax.js JavaScript library. With this above mentioned process you can execute multiple Actions by just requesting the Ajax and it doesn’t even need to refresh the page every time to execute Actions.

Cjax has more than 70 examples, samples, documents, APIs which you can implement in your project with just few lines of codes. The cjax.js library is a collection of JS code and you can implement it without writing inline codes in your HTML.


5. Simple Assets Library

Its a simple assets library for CI projects that combines and minifies JavaScript and CSS assets of your project and helps you to use lesser syntax. Moreover with this library you will have LessPHP, PHPSass  and CoffeeScript compiler. Simple Assests Library for CI includes lots of third party libraries which you can use in your project, some of them are  JSMin, CSSMin, LessPHP, PHPSass, JS Packer and more.


6. DataMapper ORM

DataMapper ORM

DataMapper ORM is an Object Relational Mapper library for CodeIgniter projects and its written in PHP. This DataMapper library presently maintained by ORM.  Main object of this library is to map Database tables into easy to work with Objects. This library is fully aware of the relationships between each other & their integrity. DataMapper fully supports One to One, One to Many, and Many to Many relations. It treats everything as an Object. Moreover it’s very easy to setup & implement with lesser coding. You also can do validation on the object properties. Most importantly it’s fully documented with how to use instructions so as a developer its easier for you to implement this library in your CI projects.


7. Codeigniter –Ion-Auth 3

Codeigniter –Ion-Auth 3

This CI library is definitely the future of authentication for CI projects. CodeIgniter-Ion-Auth 3 is a very potential lightweight authentication system for your CI projects. The previous version which is Ion-Auth 2 drops any backwards compatibility and this Ion-Auth 3 version does not drop much backwards compatibility and makes the usage of this application wonderful.


8. CI-Merchant

CI-Merchant is an open source CodeIgniter PHP payment processing library which is dedicatedly built for using in Ci projects. Using this driver-based library you can directly integrate supported payment gateway APIs in your Ci projects. This library is been largely used in ecommerce portal worldwide.

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