With the highly evolving technology around the globe & every day invention and unearthing the technical horizon, it’s very clear that we are definitely heading towards A New Era of Technology Driven World. With the ultra fast improvement of science & technology we are excited to know the future days and the changes in the world would be. There are so many predictions related to technology & science in the year of 2020. Among these predictions some will surely materialize in a matter of time.

Let’s have a look into some of these intriguing predictions of 2020 which are having largest probability of materializing.

 Robotics Empowerment :

Experiments in robotics is going constantly in different nations, among them JAPAN is surely ahead in the race. The robots will be an integral part in our daily life in 2020. The Robotic Empowerment will rise & robots will be a major part in workforce and will be capable of doing almost unimaginable works. It will contribute immensely in serving disabilities & medical science. 

Hand Rotot

Cars will drive themselves :

With ease of transportation, comfort and safety auto driven cars are next biggest thing world is looking at. The prototype is already tested but the biggest challenge will be to connect & make communication between all these cars and sync them with the traffic rules & signals.

Google Car

Smart Phone & Gadget Dependability : 

Smartphone & Gadgets has already taken control over our daily life. With inventions of new apps & accessibility many difficult & time consuming works are in our palm with lesser effort & time. Futuristic Smart Phones will make all our imaginations into reality and will make us dependant on them in every aspect. It’s one of the biggest revolutions in the history of human technology.

Following are some of the major features of futuristic smart phones :

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Flexible & Transparent Screens
  • In built projector & voice control
  • 3D view & Hologram.
  • Human Identification, Face Detection & Connected through World Wide Web
  • Auto Language Processor and Translator.

5G Network & Internet Everywhere :

With the launching of 5G Network a revolution will begin in world web & connectivity. As per the journals & online sources it will be live in 2020 with way advance & ultra fast network connectivity but with lesser energy and longer lasting wearable.

With the network revolution we are on the edge to enter Internet Everywhere for Everyone. In movies we have seen many times connectivity through different gadgets and everything as web & network driven. But in real life its beyond our imagination. But with the help of advance up gradation in network fiber & technology we can say that imaginations will come into reality soon.

Smart Home :

According to University of Washington Researchers, they have developed wireless gadgets for smart home & other that will communicate without any energy and will harvest their energy from nearby devices or Wi-Fi signals. So in 2020 we easily expect battery free Smart Home sensors including Security Camera, Temperature Sensor & Smoke Alarm.

 Artificial Intelligence in 2020 :

A continuous research & development going through in the area of Artificial Intelligence worldwide to make it more advance and perfect as it can be the most important tool of future technology. Its mainly the concept of self developing human intelligence and communication power between devices, robots, gadgets etc. To make the devices more responsive & situation based proactive by implanting human intelligence into them.

Health Care :

With the ongoing technology up liftmen, health care sector will be highly benefited with this. Starting from implanting chip into human body to monitor health situations regularly to cure critical diseases, we cannot ignore the contribution of technology. For complex medical surgeries technology will take a huge role with almost 99% success rate by reducing human error. We can say future health issue will be preventing rather than curing.

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