Project & Task Management System Development (PMS)

Project & Task Management System Development (PMS) is an application where any organization can maintain their Clients & Projects in a seamless way. Also Unika’s Software Development & Web Development team built this Product with lots of advance features. In this application anyone can manage multiple tasks under one project. Also milestones & progress tracking feature is dynamic & advance.

Primary Features of the Application

  • Client Record Management
  • Dynamic client data feeding with tagging
  • 360 degree Contact Management.
  • Timeline & Scheduling Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Personal Messages & Task Management
  • Follow up Management
  • Estimation activities
  • Task Scheduling & Monitoring.
  • Clock in & Clock out Management.
  • Time card Management.
  • Cost control and budget management
  • Resource allocation
  • Quality management
  • Risk management
  • Change control
  • Decision-making managing
  • Ongoing, Previous & Upcoming Project Task Management.
  • Project & Task Documents Management
  • Team Member allocation for tasks.
  • Communicating within team.
  • Team Management
  • Report & Print Section
  • Activity LOG Report
  • Data Import & Export facility.
  • Excel & PDF Conversion & Printing option.

And Many Other Features..

Some Feature Details

Client Management

  • Client Entry.
  • Also Client Document Management.
  • All record Management.
  • Invoice Creation.
  • Projects Under Particular Clients.
  • Moreover Client Login Feature.
  • Also Client can monitor work progress & status.
  • And also can interact with the development team.

Projects Management

  • Add Project to particular clients.
  • Add/Edit Projects.
  • Also search Projects based on-client/project status/priority/exceeding allocated time.
  • Moreover manage project notes & documents.
  • On the other hand In House Project Management.
  • It also contains Department wise hours allocation.
  • Option to strictly follow the hours allocated.
  • Facility to mark any project as Favorite; Favorite projects appear on Dashboard.
  • Facility to manage Key Information accessible only to permitted team members and never accessible to clients.
  • Attach multiple team members with each project with facility to assign default department to each team member. Same team member can be assigned different departments in different projects.

Task Management:

  • Multiple Tasks under a Project.
  • Also Total Task Management feature.
  • Moreover Attach multiple Team Members to same Task.
  • On the other hand Task Note, Document, Files etc. record & management.
  • Notify multiple team members for the new task created.
  • Task Update Notification.
  • Time-card management for each task.
  • Facility to post a message with time spent on a Task, with option to notify multiple Team Members and Client.
  • Furthermore set alert and pop up notification for various tasks.


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