What People Do with their Smartphone – Trends and Statistics [Infographic]

Our Daily Activities Through Smartphone has a massive range altogether. Smartphone is now an integral part of our daily lifestyle. Starting from shopping to social engagement; almost every thing is driven by a smartphone now a days. Lets have a look what people generally do with their Smartphones.

What People Do with there Smartphone Trends and Statistics [Infographic]
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Smartphone Usage Percentage For Various Categories :

Games 64%
Weather 60%
Social Networking 56%
Maps / Navigation Search 51%
Music 44%
News 39%
Entertainment 34%
Banking & Finance 32%

In the first place we will see how addictive a smartphone can be for a user.

How Addictive it is:

70% of Smartphone users access their phones within 20 minutes of waking.

80% of Smartphone users always keep their phone with them.

70% check their smartphone in every hour.

50% can not stay for a week without their smartphone.

Now Let’s Check Some Major Activities:

Browsing: 81%

Search : 77%

Using App: 68%

Watching Videos : 48%

Smartphone For Shopping:

In general 80% of user help their shopping with their smartphone.

70% of the consumers use Smartphone for shopping.

54% uses smartphone for finding store

49% uses it for price comparison.

48% use it for coupons, offers & deals.

44% use it for verifying product review.

74% make purchases through smartphone searches.


Smartphone Usage for Information:

In general 77% of smartphone users do various info. searches with smartphone.

95% always look for local info. searches.

88% uses for instant information seeking for taking decision or action.

78% search for business information & contact.

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