Patient Management System Development, Patient Record Management Application Development

Unika Infocom offers a very useful package for doctors and clinics. It is Patient Management System Development, Patient  Record Management Application Development. Unika provides Patient Management System Development, Patient  Record Management Application Development with a number of efficient automated systems. Moreover it has patient record management, tracking patient information, diagnoses, prescriptions, decease & medicine history, test reports, medicine responses & current health status. Also it keeps record of  interactions and encounters within healthcare clinics or doctors.

Key Features:

  • Case management
  • Also Electronic patient referral
  • Moreover Structured recording of consultations
  • Appointment booking for onward referrals
  • On the other hand Access to view shared care records
  • Prescribing and medicines management
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Patient record management

Function Descriptions:

Medical Records Software:

  • It records, updates and archives electronic medical records.
  • Also this application produces a medical records flow sheet for each patient. This shows immunizations, illnesses, surgeries, test results and also other patient information using graphs and charts.
  • It combines electronic health records from all providers treating the same patient.
  • This system issues alerts when preventive care appointments are due.

Patient Management:

This module maintains all patient records; such as, patient info., patient problem, admission info., consultant info., appointments, updated status, Medical Reports Records etc. Also it maintains each & every data related to patient medical status & past medical history. It actually creates and stores a Unique Patient Id and their prescription ID for each patient. With the help of this Unique ID patient can be identified. It is also used as the future references.

  • This application handles all patient record management.
  • Also it creates Unique Patient ID.
  • Moreover it keeps track of Patient Medical History & Current Health status management.
  • It also maintains all Medical Reports of a patient.
  • Medicine Record management.
  • Appointment management.
  • Diagnose & Treatment history & record management.

Prescription Management:

This Digitized & Automated Prescription management system will manage & create prescription corresponding to unique patients & patient ids. All prescriptions will be stored as record for any particular patient and can be used as further references.

  • It creates Online Prescription.
  • Also it creates Prescription Unique ID and tag it with Patient ID.
  • Prescription serial management is also there in this application.
  • It manages all prescription records.
  • From this application you can give individual prescription remarks and can maintain it for future references.
  • Prescription Printing Option is also there.


Medicine Management:

This module tracks medicines prescribed to a particular patients. There is a medicine master to manage related medicines.

  • It manages & keeps record of Total Medicine Database.
  • Also it has medicine entry master.
  • Medicine category, type & Id creation.
  • Add medicine to prescription.
  • Medicine remarks.

So in one word this application is the total solution for patient record management for any clinic or health care center.


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