Manufacturing ERP Development, Inventory Stock Management Software is mainly used to streamline the operation & production flow of any industry or manufacturing unit. Above all It is a robust & module based application. Therefore it can be used based on the industry need. This Manufacturing ERP & Inventory Stock Management Software keeps track on every aspects of a manufacturing or production unit. Starting from supply chain, raw material, procurement, warehousing to stock & inventory; it streamlines every process.

Some Key Benefits of Manufacturing ERP Development, Inventory Stock Management Software

  • Undoubtedly increase efficiency
  • Moreover maximum resource utilization
  • Furthermore proper man hour calculation
  • Get rid off unnecessary downtime in the first place
  • Increase performance & production
  • In addition cost efficient. Moreover eliminates hidden cost.
  • In fact effective purchase management
  • Improve supply chain in the first place
  • Proper procurement & ware house management
  • Streamline the supply chain

Let’s go through some major modules:

  1. Sales & Distribution Management
  2. Warehouse Management
  3. Purchase Management
  4. Manufacturing & Production Planning Management
  5. Production Quality Management
  6. Inventory & Stock Management
  7. Unit Maintenance
  8. Taxation & Compliance Management
  9. Human Resource Management
  10. Pricing Management

 1.  Sales & Distribution Management:      

This module handles sales contact management, order management and distribution management. Based on these reports an enterprise can plan their sales & marketing strategy. It also maintains the distribution chain.

Some features of sales & distribution management module:

  • Customer record and sales record management
  • Order management
  • Pending order, delivered order, canceled order, disputed order tracking
  • Sales enquiry & conversion management
  • Order Shipment tracking.
  • Partner program
  • Distributor management
  •  Order distribution management
  • Sales & distributor territory management Etc.

2. Warehouse Management

A good warehouse management module is the backbone of a manufacturing ERP. Above all it tracks and handles inventory as well as the order management system.

Some benefits of a good warehouse management module:

  • Keep tracks of full stock
  • Tracks rejected items
  • Alert excess stock or stock deficit
  • Streamline order management
  • Removes bottleneck situation

3. Purchase Management:

Purchase management module streamlines procurement of raw materials that are used to manufacture the product and make the product ready. It’s a continuous process, therefore the tracking should be efficient. It is a important part of production, inventory, quality control & cost management modules.

Some feature:

  • Item wise purchase management
  • Vendor record management
  • Quote & tender evaluation
  • Vendor analysis according to the record
  • Purchase quality and quantity control
  • Keeps track of pending purchase order
  • Acceptance and rejection of purchase order
  • Tally invoice with purchase order Etc.

4. Manufacturing & Production Planning Management:

Manufacturing, planning and production management lift resource utilization in an optimal level. This module plans the whole cycle of production process, starting from purchase to dispatch and sales. Therefore it is an integral part of the manufacturing process.

Some features:

  • Multilevel production planning
  • Forecast of production quality & quantity
  • Purchase, inventory, warehouse & sales planning
  • Planning based on production history
  • Resource planning
  • Capacity planning
  • Machine production planning
  • Planning & maintain production against work order or sales order
  • Furthermore wastage & reusable material tracking  Etc.

5. Production Quality Management

Production quality management is the pillar of the success of any product and the industry. In any case if the quality maintenance fails the whole unit will break down. Therefore this is the most important module as per the success. This monitors quality control of the production value. Not only it systematically tracks and maintains the quality of purchased materials, but also ensures the quality of finished products.

Some feature:

  • Purchase order quality control
  • Finished product quality control
  • Sample analysis
  • History tracking
  • Approve or rejection audit
  • Furthermore stock registry
  • In addition environment monitoring Etc.

6. Inventory & Stock Management :

Inventory & Stock Management Module monitors & tracks inventory in the Unit. Moreover it also tracks and gives information about stock status in the warehouse.

Some features:

  • However generates & tracks material request
  • Tracks material issue & at the same time its usage
  • On the other hand keeps Warehouse transfer record
  • Moreover it manages Inventory, Stock valuation and tracking Above all it manages current Inventory, Stock status update.

Unit  Maintenance:

Without proper maintenance of machines & other production units, optimal results can not be achieved, therefore Unit Maintenance Module maintains every machines & units used for production. Moreover it keeps track of the current condition of every machine.

Some features:

  • In any case tracks machine breakdown update & record
  • Condition monitoring
  • Repair report & record maintenance
  • Spare parts maintenance
  • Finally Maintains warranty claims & tracking

8. Taxation & Compliance Management:

Above all to run a manufacturing unit you need to maintain all taxation, vat and other compliance effectively. As a result the manufacturing unit will run smoothly. It keeps track of very transaction. Therefore transactions like warehouse transfer, purchase billing, sales, production all are maintained with current government rules.

9. Human Resource Management:

Human Resource Management undoubtedly is a key factor of the production level. Therefore it needs to be handled very carefully. actually human resource is also considered as the capital of any industry.

Some features:

  • Proper training
  •  On the other hand Employee enhancement program
  • Moreover good work environment
  • In fact periodical increments
  • Furthermore performance evaluation

10. Pricing Management:

Proper pricing management actually can be the key of better profit. This module calculates all the probable expenses for a finish product. Finally it add taxation to it. Consequently it determines the product value for an optimal profit margin.

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