Logo name : THABER

Client from: Mexico

Concept of logo :Client wanted a logo for a typical regional sweet of a state in Mexico. The company is called THABER .The color of the product is a natural yellow color. It is a typical regional sweet, honey and accompanied by a handmade product. Currently the same product is not sold by a company in bulk.


They want us to make a illustration of the sweet THABER. Using the same color yellow,as it is original.Their concept was to make this sweet like as very eye catching,using eyes,hands,legs, smiley faces.It must be looks very energetic.We also following their imagination created these logos.Its really just ,in one words  yummmyyyy…After creating the logos we also surprised that these logos absolutely represent their regional sweet.


The logo is for a Mexican sweet savoury. It depicts a mascot of the savory which is a sweet dish itself being alive an acting like a Master Chef.They also asked for 3d versions of their logos,so we also create this,and framed here for our users.


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