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Logo name:
Client from: United States, California
Concept of logo :

Client is a Paddle board Instructor & SUP guide in South Carolina and California. Owner & creator of,,, and & others.

They have 2 products: a SUP Paddle and an inflatable Paddle board, both of which will be called ” The Hammer”.They are calling the Paddle board ” The Hammer ” because it’s extremely rigid, heavy duty and tough, so as a Publicity & Marketing strategy, they are going to let potential customers Swing a big, heavy Sledge Hammer and hit the paddle board with it… to show how strong it is and will not get damaged they are located in United States, California.

Paddle The Hammer

So their concept is to incorporate the image (or the text) of a long handled Sledge Hammer, with a Stand Up Paddle , and a SUP paddle.

Description about board :  The board will be 12.6 feet long, 28 inches wide at the center, and has to have a foam pad in the mid section.

They need this logo to be fairly Simple, not too much detail or fine lines, and most importantly Bold, Vivid, Strong, Powerful, Tough… and maybe even Sexy if possible.

Paddle The Hammer 2

These logo/design will go on these things:

1.) It will be the main logo for the top of the Website Homepage, business cards, etc…
2.) It will be applied to the Blade of the SUP racing Paddle.
3.) It will be used as Decorative Design on the Top of the surface of the Paddle board … either printed         on the vinyl or made into the foam Pad.

We are very much appreciated for these logo concepts.Every logos are created according to their needs.They really like our creativity specially in the first design where we changed the two D’s into figures.The last logo are made exactly like their boards.The all three logos are very excellent by their reviews,also we are very much pleased to work with them.

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