Brand Burst

Logo name: Brand Burst

Concept of logo design:

It is a online shopping site for getting any branding solution. The company’s tagline is like that ” Your Branding Solution”. Clients have different concepts for their logo design. First concept like Brand written in simple,and burst as thought it is bursting with different colors. Other concept like Brand written in black and Burst in one glowing color with the ink splotches. They are also open to suggestion to accept any kind of creativity.


Logo name : Di market

Concept of logo design:

It is a online shopping cart mainly for women sells jewelry for ladies like necklace,earnings,bracelets etc. Clients don’t have any slogan for their logo design. For colors their choice was some shades of blue,that can be present very softly. For logo,they want a diamond to include in their logo design. And mix up some business related designs to make it minimalist and easily recognizable.


Logo name: Mercado Buy

Concept of logo design:

It is e-commerce online site.Willing to sells e-commerce products like appliances,computer equipment for industries and offices,clothing etc. Target market are people who want to buy online. Their requirement about logo colors is very simple,maybe one or two colors. Clients also create their website using same colors. They want their logo design as simple as Best Buy,, eBay, Amazon.


Power SavingX

Logo name : Power SavingX

Concept of logo design :

It is a online store without specific market niche. It is start up company. Our client firstly just want to fix up a logo for it. They intend to start selling on e-bay,and later on the store. This time it is going to be a general store. Their concept includes a magnifying glass,or some market related things like tags,buckets,bags.


Logo name:Wish list closet

Concept of logo design :

It is a newly launched online store. Wishlist closet offers different products for men,women,children and different articles for house. There chosen colors are neutral color like black and white gray. Client wants a very modern,minimalist logo design which can be easily recognizable.

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