Logo name :

Client from : Las Palmas of Great Canary

Concept of logo :

The name of the company is TAXACANARIAS.ES. It provides taxi services in Las Palmas Of Great Canary.Mainly specialist in movement of companies.Their requirement was very simple. They just want a entertaining and elegant logo that attract eyes very fairly. Also can identify their business very well.
taxicanarias 1

They have 3 main colors in their flag,so that they want to corporate these colors in the logos. Favorite colors are blue,yellow and white. According their requirement we make a fun logo design at same time smart as well.Client provide us some references,some roadsides,with this we combined a taxi and emblem their logo name .

taxicanarias 2

The first logo is made totally based on professionalism,using their chosen colors and mixing our concepts. The rest logos have fun,also elegency and smart look.The background image is their choice,we just add our creativity and thoughts to represent their identity.The 3 logos ,all are great success with our clients.

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