Importance of Mobile App For Any Business & Its Benefits In Marketing – Infographics

With the rapid growth of Smartphone and App users, it’s become a pivotal point to have an app for business presence. Organizations realized the Importance of Mobile App For Any Business & Its Benefits.

Within 2017 almost 90 Billion Apps will be downloaded. Therefore it’s very clear that how it will affect in any business point of view for reaching targeted customers.

Mobile App for Business Infographics
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Major Business Sectors Promoting Their Business Through Mobile Apps:

Business SectorsPercentage
Professional or Classified Services14%
Fitness Clubs12%
Hotels & Resorts11%
Nightclubs & Bars11%
Social Media45%
Non Profit Organizations7%
Other Small Business8%


By 2017 mobile online purchases will reach around $170 billion worldwide.

Some Facts & Figures:

  • 84% of small business owners got beneficial after App launch and Mobile Marketing.
  • 30% of small business going for mobile friendly web presence.
  • 80% of customers abandon sites which are not smartphone responsive.
  • 70% smartphone users agreed that mobile presence is the key of business growth.
  • 60% use smartphone to find retailers.

Budget for Mobile Marketing by Organizations:

  • 64% of organizations will spend more on Mobile Marketing.
  • 33% of organizations will spend same on Mobile Marketing.
  • 3% of organizations will spend less on Mobile Marketing.


90% of mobile searches ends up in an action, such as visiting a business or purchasing.

Effectiveness of Mobile Apps for Business Marketing:

  • 70% of Smartphone users uses those apps which gives loyalty points & offers through retails & service App.
  • 52% want to use mobile apps which gives discounts in dining or cafe.
  • 36% like to receive offers or discounts for purchase.
  • 46% of users like to have push notification of offers & products from their apps.
  • 65% of users open & check notifications from business apps.
  •  77% of users admit that offers, coupons, product notification etc. helps app business to grow.

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