How to rank top on the page in YouTube

Video is the newest way to grow your online business. Here we discuss about 5 most important facts about youtube videos that may rank your videos on the top of the page.

Create and Publish long videos

Youtube rank your videos depends on the total watch time. The more people watch the video you get higher ranking, it is called audience attention for ranking factor. The more total minute people stay on your video, the more ranking you get. For example, you just posted two videos, one is 2 mint long, other is 10 mint long. The each video get 1000 views. The audience potentiate for both videos is exactly same,the 50%. Means, average people watch videos the half. Means for 2 mint video it is just 1000 mints, where for 10 mint video it is 5000 mint. That means the second video has the 5 times more watch time than first one. That is the power of publishing long videos.

Master the Hook

As the longer videos rank better because the more watch time. But the problem is you have to keep peoples attention. According the survey, if you hook someone for first 15 seconds of the video, it results better, as youtube recommends that. So start your video of “PPP formula “. PPP stands for preview, proof and preview. Lets see, how its works. First preview of your video is all about. Secondly is Proof. You can accomplish your work, that you have lot of experience, or if do research about your topic. For preview you can share number of tips, your case study, or any new info, that can increase your view.

Exact keyword in the title

Google and Youtube gets smarter everyday. So make sure that include your exact keyword once in your title,preferably in the beginning of the title. Suppose If you have any topic on link building, then must include that word in the start of the tittle.

Say your keyword in your video

If you never said your keyword in your video then it may be really disgraceful for your video. If you have a video on health desserts, you can use the term low card desserts. Youtube finds same type of keyword in your videos. If you have an video about SEO, then use the same word in your video for few times.

User interaction signals

Youtube wants to see people interacting with your video. The more people watch,like, subscribe and comments on your video, the higher ranks your video gets. You can add simple lines in your video to ask people like or subscribe your video.

It is also important to write first few lines about your topic,in your video. It works as a attention grabbing line for more people. If you use this 5 simple tricks with your video, you can rank higher also can generate more traffic for your video.

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