From the very ancient times mankind always been surrounded by Myths & Misconceptions. Time to time greatest scientists & researchers busted those myths and enlightened the world. Societies & Industries had always spread rumors & misconceptions among us whether for their personal & business benefits or totally by their ignorant nature. Today also in the era of ultra advance technology we are not free from these Myths which are not even close to the Facts. The revolution in Internet & Social Media has helped humanity in more ways in terms of business, community, information sharing, connecting with people around the globe etc. One of the most prominent effects of this Internet revolution is undoubtedly decentralizing media. We are not dependent today only on digital & print media to know what’s happening across the globe and its true facts. But there are also some cons in this social sharing. One of these is of course junk news & false story sharing, which sometimes we think to be true. Internet, especially Social Media is now full of these false & crap news & misconceptions which goes viral anytime and viewed & trusted by millions of users. In present scenario anybody with an internet connection can reach thousands of people and some of them present myths in a manner that it seems like a true fact. However extracting facts from myths also became tougher for some anonymous & random sources. The sources present them as trusted organizations or sources, but are not at all trustworthy.
Our Facebook and Twitter feeds are filled so many such Myths.

Let us have a look into these Myths hovering around us.

Human only use 10% of their brain:

A very big misconception we believe that human use only 10% of their brain. It’s true that we use only some small part of our mental & physical resources, but it’s a total myth that we use only 10% of our brain. This fake myth has been busted by scans of our brain, which shows that every part of our brain is used but not active at the same time. For this reason only damage to any region of our brain causes mental problems. This false propaganda basically spread by some journalists & some companies trying to sell their bran boosting brand or course.

Bulls hate Red color:

This is another false myth widely spread. Tests proved that bulls are actually color blind.

Ring finger vain connects directly to the heart:

This myth sounds romantic though, but not the fact. If ring finger is the only finger with a vain that connects to heart, then where from other fingers getting blood circulation! It’s not possible according to medical science and it’s a pure myth.

We have ‘taste map’ or ‘taste region’ on our tongue:

This propaganda is very interesting, because it’s also mentioned in text books some decades ago. According to it some portions of our tongue are responsible for different tastes like, sweet, sour, bitter, spicy. After sometimes its proven that our tongue has different taste sensitivities for certain tastes in all region.

Dropping a penny from a top most building is fatal:

This is another myth which is not true at all. As per the misconception if we drop a penny from a top most building say suppose Empire State Building, it will accelerate to such a speed that if it struck someone, he or she would be dead. This is not even closer to the actual fact. The worst scenario would be it would pinch a bit when it hit them. It tumbles when a penny falls and it will increase air resistance and the penny cannot get the velocity it needs to penetrate a human skin. Even experiments proved that if it dropped from an airplane flying more than 30,000 feet above, it still cannot cause much damage, especially killing someone.

We can see The Great Wall of China from Moon:

This is another faux fact circulates among us. The Apollo astronauts confirmed that it’s not possible to see The Great Wall of China from the Moon. From Moon we can only see Earth surface as white & blue marbles.

Albert Einstein failed Math Exams at School:

Einstein failed an entry exam in school, but he was very good in math throughout his curriculum. In fact he excelled in math in his whole schooling and considered to be a mathematician.

The Capital of Australia is Sydney:

The Capital of Australia is actually Canberra.

Even after death finger nails & hair keeps growing:

It’s a total misconception. Once someone is dead every cell or part of the body stops growing. The misconception arise from the fact that after death skin and body parts start to recede over time and make nail & hair look longer.

You need 24 hours to make a missing person report:

It’s a not true at all. Police doesn’t demand 24 hours time to pass before you can make a missing person report. May be this propaganda starts from the thought that we should wait for at least 24 hours for an adult to get response from him.

Bananas grow on trees:

Bananas don’t grow on trees. Actually bananas grow on massive herbs which we think as trees.

Black Hole:

Black Hole is not at all a hole but a hugely compact mass and dense object with massive gravitational pull.

Napoleon was short:

It’s also a myth. As per some historians his height was 5’7” and this was an above average height of a Frenchman at that time. Even his portraits from various sources which is Napoleon riding a horse, doesn’t even look that he is short.

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