Ecommerce trends in Indian Market

In 2016, almost 69 million consumers purchased from online shopping sites and the number is expected to cross 100 million by 2017. Behind this huge rise there are number of key points, such as digital natives, better infrastructure in terms of logistics, internet speed and Internet-ready devices that fuel the demand in e-commerce market in India. We will here discuss about Ecommerce trends in Indian Market.



Top Online Retail Categories in India

Retail CategoryPercentage in India Percentage Worldwide
Computer Software16.8%12.4%
Computer Hardware11.6%16.5%
Consumer electronics16.8%14%
Comparison Shopping10.4%21.6%
Luxury Item & Accessories3.7%3.8%
Health Care2.8%6.0%
Tickets Booking4.6%1.9%
Consumer Goods1.7%4.9%
Retail Food1.5%5.3%
Home Furnishing1.0%6.8%
Retail Music0.9%3.6%
Online Departmental Stores0.8%7.9%
Cosmetics & Fragrance0.8%4.6%


Top Ten Online Shopping sites in India as per visitors count:

In India there is almost 65% of Internet Traffic are Online Retail site visitor amongst 100% of total internet traffic.

Online Retail SitesPercentage
Amazon Sites20%
Apple Worldwide Sites8%


Alexa Ranking of top ecommerce sites in India

Ecommerce SiteDaily time on site per visitor in minutesPercentage of visitor% of Traffic from searchRank in India
1. Amazon India9.2492.9%22.70%6
2. Flipkart6.0196.2%15.70%9
3. IRCTC12.2397.9%15.30%10
4. Paytm5.4897.5%18.2024
5. Amazon.COM (Global)8.102.7%18.40%32
6. Jabong3.0198.3%7.80%33
7. Ebay.in5.1495%29.70%38
8. Snapdeal5.0493.729.50%45


Products Generating Maximum Online Interest

In reference of Google compiled consumer search data Top Product Categories that Generates Maximum User Interest are:

  1. Electronics (34%)
  2. Apparel and Accessories (30%)
  3. Books (15%)
  4. Beauty and Personal Care (10%)
  5. Home and Furnishing (6%)
  6. Healthcare (3%)
  7. Baby Care (2%)


Products with Maximum Sales through Online Shopping

In terms of products sold through Online Shopping, below is the list:


  1. Apparel and Accessories (84%)
  2. Electronics (71%)
  3. Beauty and Personal Care (64%)
  4. Books (62%)
  5. Household Products (61%)

Demographic & Gender Profile for Online Shopping in India:


Below report is conducted by TNS Australia with 800 sample respondents on behalf of Google India in November 2012. Find more details at

For age group 18 to 50 with 71% respondents in the age group of 18 to 35:

Gender: Male (63%), Female (37%),

89% users were heavy users of the Internet with 67% users having access to their own money and 33% having access to someone else’s money.

The sample size had a monthly average household income of INR 55,051/-.

The respondents were spread across Delhi (22%), Mumbai (24%), Kolkata (9%), Bangalore (17%), Ahmadabad (6%), Hyderabad (12%), Pune (7%) & others (2%).


The Key Points that are Game Changers in Indian Ecommerce Market:

Ecommerce market first get noticed in India in the year of 2004 when eBay acquired After that in 2010 Snapdeal’s marketplace model got introduced. But above all surely the game changer was the cash on delivery option & easy free return policy which attracted most of the customers and also built confidence amongst them to shop online.

Some facts & figures of Indian Ecommerce Market:

As per the survey respondents lets have a look into some interesting facts.

What Changed Indian Consumers Mind:

35% told the option of ‘Cash on Delivery’ encouraged them to buy online.

28% got interested from word of mouth positive feedback.

15% told that something not available offline.

30% told that Offers, discount & coupons encouraged them.

12% mentioned well defined return & refund policies.

25% mentioned wide range of product availability option.

30% mentioned that for home delivery it was very convenient for them to order online.

7% mentioned other reasons.



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