Chat Messenger App Development like Whatsapp

Chat Messenger App Development like Whatsapp for Android & iOS. This App is platform independent & customizable. Smartphone user base is increasing in a rapid pace. Worldwide almost 2.3 billion people are using smartphones. As per stats this figure will touch almost 6 billion globally in 2020. As per surveys Chat Apps are the mostly used app in any smartphone. Each & every smartphone has at least one social chat app. Current chat apps are very cutting edge, trendy and with lots of advance feature compared to the old ones. This is one of the reasons that chat & social messaging apps are becoming more popular. Currently the most popular app among users is Whatsapp.

Our chat App development for clients covers all the basic & advance features of social messaging app. It has some unique features also that will keep you ahead in the market. It will also give you extra mileage as per marketing aspects.

Key Features:

  • Highly Intuitive User Interface
  • Trendy & Smart GUI
  • Minimum Resource Utilization
  • Auto Sync
  • Video & Voice Call
  • Broadcasting
  • Screen Sharing
  • Location Tracking
  • Push Notifications
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Team & Group Messaging
  • Multi Platform & All Network Compatible

Some Details:

This app has an attractive option for users that is chat rooms. Various chat rooms & communities can be created here. Its fun as well as helpful to build a frat and information sharing. This is the main focus point of our app. This app will also help startups to promote their business & brand among mass audience. It has a business community & idea section like iOS Business. This option can open a positive avenue in digital promotion field.

This App has end to end encryption, so its rock solid in terms of security & privacy. We took special care for fast data transfer and it makes the messaging super fast in this app for multimedia also. Its not only a whatsapp clone but has some more advance & attractive features.

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