C Cleaner, PC Optimizer, PC Tune Up Application Development

PC Optimizer

Unika Infocom is into C Cleaner, PC Optimizer, PC Tune Up Application Development for various clients. Many PC Security products are running successfully in the market. Also our PC Optimizer product is robust, secure and with high performance level.

This whole application is highly customizable. So you can create your own product as per your requirement in terms of GUI & Functions.


  • Your Organization will have the sole copyright of the developed product.
  • You will have the controls for End No of Product Key Generation and Cancellation.
  • Total Technical Support from our side.
  • Windows 7 -10 Compatibility.
  • POP-UP Message to customers.
  • Third Party Chat Option.

PC Tuneup Application Development

Key Segments:

  • Full Scan & Cleanup
  • Windows Optimizer & Performance Enhancer
  • Custom Scan & Cleanup
  • Browser Scan & Cleanup
  • Website Blocker & Protection
  • Windows Registry Cleaner 
  • Windows Application Uninstaller
  • Service Manager for Windows
  • App Manager for Windows

Technical Aspects/Functionality/Key Features of our C Cleaner & Tuning:

  • Temporary internet files Cleanup
  • History Scan
  • Cookies Cleanup
  • HTTP/HTTPS URL Security Scan
  • dat files
  • Unauthorized File Protection.
  • Internet file Download Security
  • Auto Complete for History
  • Password Security Cleanup


C Cleaner Application Development

Windows Explorer Protection

  • Recent Documents Scan
  • Documents Scan
  • Run time Program Cleanup
  • Other Explorer MRUs
  • Thumbnail Cache
  • Local Network (LAN/WAN) Security

PC Optimizer Application Development

Browser Cleaner & Website Blocker

Brwoser Cleanup Application Development

Website Blocker Application Development

Windows / Program Files System Security

  • Recycle bin Security
  • Temporary Files
  • Clipboard Security
  • Memory Dumps
  • Chkdsk File fragments
  • Windows log files
  • Windows Error Reporting
  • DNS Cache
  • Font Cache
  • Start Menu Shortcuts
  • Desktop Shortcuts

Windows Uninstaller

windows Registry Cleaner

Registry Security:

Registry Cleaner Application Development

  • Missing Shared DLL Files
  • Unused File extensions
  • ActiveX and program class Issues.
  • Type Libraries
  • Applications
  • Fonts Registry
  • Application Paths
  • Help files
  • Installer Registry
  • Obsolete Software Registry
  • Run at Startup
  • Start Menu Ordering
  • MUI Cache
  • Sound/Video Events
  • Windows Services

Windows App Manager

Windows App Manager


File Scan Tools:

Browser Cleanup

  • Scan and Delete Effective files
  • Install/Uninstall
  • Startup
  • Restore File Finder
  • Drive Wiper

Windows Services Manager

Windows Services Manager


  • General Settings
  • Cookies
  • Include
  • Exclude
  • Advanced
  • About
  • Help
  • Updates
  • Software Activation Key

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