5 Best SEO Tools  2017 that can Increase your Business Traffic

Here we will discuss about 5 Best SEO Tools 2017 that can Increase your Business Traffic. Online marketing is hard. How do you do to increase your traffic, there are so many things like paid advertising to SEO to social media marketing to content marketing, there are so many things. How do you know which one you choose to increase your traffic.

No matter what you want to go after social media marketing or content marketing or paid advertising etc. There are 5 tools that you should use to grow your traffic.

Ahrefs.com Back-link Analysis

It is the first tool you can use to generate traffic. Ahrefs.com is a tool to see different competitor and it shows you from where they get their traffics. So go on search engine watch.com, put on the cyber, click on the organic traffic, it shows all the pages from whee they get the traffic and also the keyword that are driving. One of the most popular page is SEO pages, click on it and get so many contacts, this page also gets so many google traffic. Ahref also shows you all the back-links,so get all the traffic and increase traffic.

Buzzsumo Social Media Analysis

It is second one to increase your google traffic. buzzsumo is used to increase your software traffic. Suppose you type there online marketing, it shows all the popular pages on softwares, traffic from facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. Suppose there is an article how google analytics ruined marketing, you can break down it like how google analytics makes market easier, saves companies money and many more. Then you go buzzsumo.com, click on view shares, get all the people share that article. If you don’t have paid buzzsumo account, no worries, go to the search feature, type the URL, and get all the people are twitted it out.

Google Search Console

The third one is Google search console. When you add your site on Google search console you get all the errors your website have. It maybe 404 errors or why your page is not working or whatever it may be google will show you that issues. Fix some, it may take long times, go one by one, fix it and you get more traffics.

Semrush – All-in-one Marketing Toolkit

Semrush.com is the 4th tool you can use to generate your traffic. It shows you all the keywords which your competitors have. If you write amazon.com, it shows you all the paid keywords the amazon is bidding for. By paying for that keywords they get their traffics, so that keywords are locked. So go after the keywords your competitors are paying for, you may go for organic keyword, so you can generate more traffics.

Ubersuggest Keyword Tool

The 5th tool is Ubersuggest. If you go for ubersuggest.io, you type any keyword, you get more same keywords the people are searching for, it’s taking the date from googlesuggest. Google suggest give us same suggestion of the one which we type. Ubersuggest breaks you down the whole listed so you can know the keyword have in your contact.

SEO Analyzer

These are the 5 tools you may use generally to generate more traffic today.

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